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Scam contentsMy order was placed with online company CONVICTIONY (website: but all communication I am receiving in my Paypal dispute is for a company by the name INCKWP, CO., LTD., my Bank account shows the PayPal charge was for a company by the name of DONG GUAN SHI HE. The company would not identify what their relationship is to CONVICTIONY.

I ordered the product described as Creature from the Black Lagoon Grave Walker Statue. The product was depicted on website considerable larger item and the Sellers sizing on same website states when assembled are 16 High, 36 Long, 25 Wide. As well the advertised pictures show an adult male can place and fit his whole head into the hand of the display monster there was also another picture when the display monster sitting in the back of a hatchback vehicle and took up most of space. The site also stated the products were made in America
The product received dimension were 3 in. High, 11.5 in. Long, 3.5 in. Wide. The product was considerable smaller than the pictures depicted and the advertised size on website. In addition, the website stated assembly would be required. The item received was one piece and made of foam like filling coated in a plastic/rubber material and required no assembly. Also was made in China. After numerous attempts of providing supporting documentation, the Seller advised I received the correct item and they would offer me a $6 as compensation for this situation. This scam has been escalated to Paypal.
I attempted to also contact the seller through their website at but was only meet with automated reply messages advising me to sign up on another website to provide my email address to an automated Customer Service Consultation interface website. I was weary of this site as it did not require my order number but only asked for my email address. The site also does not identify the owner of the website and appears to be using a service to hide their identity.

I most likely will never see my money again, PayPal thus far has done nothing to assist in returning my money from this fraudulent company.
Comment / ReviewEmails associated with the site, the first from the companies automated communications and the second from what PayPal had listed on the payment receipt.

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