Romance Scam
Colonel Richard D. Clarke

PseudonymColonel Richard D. Clarke
Scam contentsClaimed wanted to be my friend on Facebook. Started flattering me. After stating he’s a Colonel Special ops in Damascus Syria I asked why he contacted me. He said he (or she) could make me a lot of money, I would do the investing myself.
Comment / ReviewI then stated I am a money handler at work, I have skills and don’t need your help. I said I regularly certify in scams and how to avoid them and it’s not going to happen to me! I said I was lecturing him and was on my soap box! He said I don’t understand. He should understand euphemisms if he’s highly educated like he claimed as a Navy Seal, Special Ops. Looked at his profile on Facebook and a lot of random non military friends with fake sounding names. Said I was letting everyone know and unblocked him to post your scam alert on his wall. He said this will all end someday in the last message to me when I blocked him again.

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