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Telephone+1 217-694-2619 (ou 001217-694-2619) (more info)
Comment / ReviewGirl by the name of Lucy/Li Man. Claims to be Chinese but working at a job given to her by her uncle at IDG Capital in Boston. Number is likely duped or something as she used two different ones to text me. One number was Illinois based, the other Massachusetts. Claims birthday is "July 15th." Texted randomly out of the blue saying they were looking for someone else and they had been given the wrong number. Said they didn't mind talking to me because they are looking for friends. Very charming and good at manipulation. Insisted on talking on Telegram. Chatted normally for a few days before the topic of investing in Bitcoin came up. Guilt tripped me but then went back to chatting normal. Couple days later same thing happened. Few days later it happened a third time and they finally got the point that I was never going to give them any money. After that contact decreased greatly as they probably figured I wasn't worth investing time into anymore. If you look elsewhere on Scam Watcher, Lucy/Li Man appears to be part of a ring of young Chinese girls who all claim the same backstory of their uncle working at IDG Capital. They'll befriend you and before long try to get you to invest in Bitcoin or some other kind of investment. DO NOT FALL FOR IT. They appear very knowledgable about investing, but you WILL NOT get your money back according to other people on this site that have fallen for it.

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    • Wontbefooledagain 07/13/2023 at 11:30 PM

      I was recently contacted by Lucy Li Man. Same photo you all are sharing. Told me she lives in Boston and works for idg as a project leader.

      Has asked me for a thing..... yet.
      I video chatted with her and I'm still suspicious. The photos vs. The person on camera don't look the same. We spoke earlier today via video and will again soon.

    • Henne 07/15/2023 at 07:09 PM

      a woman also contacted me with whatsapp.
      She has been talking to me for 2 weeks about everything but also investing in crypto.
      chinese photos of her.
      number +44 7895........
      I want to find out at any cost if she's a cheater.
      Who can share me a picture of the chinese girl?
      She calls herself Linda

    • Fede 09/08/2023 at 02:52 PM

      Have chatted with Annie Grace works IDG. 32 years old, lives in Boston. Her friend is Lucy.

    • Shaun Lee 09/22/2023 at 05:23 AM

      I chatted with another chinese girl, Karida insisted on talking in telegram, she said some one gave her a wrong number. she works as project leader in boston, IDG

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