Job Scam +14808962799 Doug Schrade

PseudonymDoug Schrade
Telephone+1 480-896-2799 (ou 0014808962799) (Info / Risk score)
Scam contentsOffers me a high paying freelance job.
Wants me to design 8 illustrations for this so called
"Pandemic Precaution and Prevention Workshop"
Comment / ReviewI recieved this fraudulent job offer scam and want to get it check out.

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    • +1 480-896-2799
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      • KimberlyH 06/15/2023 at 06:07 PM

        I received a text message from that same number yesterday, for the same exact job description... but it was from someone named Allison Ryan. I wasn't sure about it, so I emailed her back at per her request. The gmail kind of threw me off, and there was no email signature with company info. She said the pay for the 8 illustrations was $6800 (red flag). I just replied back today for website & contact info - no reply yet. This has to be a scam for sure!

      • Ashley 01/22/2024 at 01:07 PM

        A person by the same name, Doug Schrade, is trying to "hire" me right now. I always do my research so i cale across.this post. There was a job for Executive Assistant posted on Indeed. He reached out with a revised position detail and the pay conflicted with the job description i originally saw. He wanted to pay $850/weekly then $650/weekly and now $1400 bi-weekly. I think its a group of peoole behind the Doug name working together to scam people.

        • Webad Nigga 03/02/2024 at 03:51 PM

          So what did you do in your case if you don't mind sharing. I just received an email from indeed via the same person, trying to hire me for a job that i applied less than 8hours ago. What do you suggest I do?

        • stop_da_scammers 03/04/2024 at 12:42 AM

          These fake assistant jobs often involve either fake check scams, advance fee and or fake payments. Scammers DO use indeed to scam people, pretending to offer jobs. In general, remember to NEVER pay to get paid and remember never accept checks.

          For checks, while funds are made available after you deposit it. that's only due to bank laws. It can take days or weeks for the bank to find the fake check and take back the money)

      • Ashley 01/22/2024 at 01:09 PM

        Oh, the phone # being used is 925-430-5209

      • Kate 02/06/2024 at 03:33 PM

        I'm receiving texts from the number 925-430-5209 under the name Michael Roger's for an assistant position. He also sent me an email. All of this from a job posting on indeed.

      • Sally 02/07/2024 at 09:12 PM

        I found a job posting on indeed for a personal assistant job as well but under the name Scott Gammer with the number 925-430-5209. He was going to send a check and have me deposit the money to my bank and send a money order to an "orphanage". After reading the other comments, this is definitely a scam. Be careful everyone!

      • stop_da_scammers 03/04/2024 at 12:39 AM

        "PANDEMIC: Precaution and prevention" with 7 images - offering artists (victims) high pay for these images with the excuse of using them for the company.

        The other one I've seen is they claim they are from the school board and 7 images done for a large price point for a presentation. Here's the thread for that:

        Another version's project is titled "Vaccines and Immunization for Monkeypox" There is the twitter thread for that from an artist who fell vicitm to it:

        Ultimately, the scammer wants the victims to send them money via a fake check scam or fake payment (advance fee) Be careful out there!

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