Investment scam
+447440087673 Ig @maria_ying12 @ipam04 @jola2793 @kasser777

PseudonymIg @maria_ying12 @ipam04 @jola2793 @kasser777
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Telephone+44 7440 087673 (ou 00447440087673) (Info / Risk score)
Scam contentsThe woman contacts you via the social network instagram. Who befriends you very quickly. She shows you how to invest and make money from trading. She will give you a link to sign up and show you how to trade and help you make money. Quickly the usdt will add up. But when you want to withdraw them, they won't. And you'll find out it's a scam.
New adress wallet scam 0xC32523eEb40823F6a018E309b534761Ec8a3183B
Comment / ReviewIt's a romantic scam. There are many similar scams.

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      • Nikto 03/29/2023 at 06:35 AM

        Who contacted you ? Can you send me more information?

      • Wouter 03/31/2023 at 06:21 AM

        I was scammed by the same people last year with Exnesstechnologies:

        I already filed a report about this in February:

        These people they make a new fake, Exness clone phishing site every three or four weeks and the scammer seems to use a new phone number every 3 or 4 months.

        Back then the scammer was using a French number and told me she was staying in Paris: +33 7 53 74 08 83.

        What's more I also talked to her on the phone and she speaks English with a Chinese accent and also writes English with a lot of spelling/grammar mistakes indicating that her native language probably isn't English.

        Her Instagram profiles all say these accounts where created in China in 2013. I think the scammer is probably a Chinese woman living abroad it could be that she travels frequently around the globe.

        I also found out on the blockchain they were sending all the USDT through multiple scam wallets to this benificiary address which is a Coinhako controlled address: 0x3bed9fb7f52397e61a19ba1f6423dbd589892a33/x3Bed9FB7f52397e61a19bA1F6423dbd589892A33 afterwards they sent it to Binance to these Binance addresses:

        0xe13d9d41dda3f9396ab851691fac93f0045d49c1 and 0xdc4f6b87f328ceec1f63859020d8650cbad2a13b or put the money into the Binance Vault.

        Since June 2023 they are sending crypto to:


        And to:

        This is a Bitkub address based in... Read more

      • Nikto 03/31/2023 at 06:50 AM

        Other people need to be informed about this. The only thing that will help is to warn other people . Can you give me your contact info ? I have a couple of questions

      • Sao 04/15/2024 at 04:35 AM

        I think that there are a big group of Chinese people. Now, they are back again. A lot of people lost there money. This is a criminal in digital asset. This account, 0x3d1D8A1d418220fd53C18744d44c182C46f47468 stolen all my money on beginning of this year.

        • W1990 04/15/2024 at 12:47 PM

          Thanks for this information. Yes I also think these people originate from China although I believe they operate internationally and I have also got some clues that the woman who scammed me is probably from Africa so they also use African people for their operations. I noticed they removed their assets from Binance in June last year maybe due to Binance facing legal issues such as the legal case with Binance's CEO and then started sending the crypto to OKX and Bitkub. Please if you could help me do you have any names of the (fake) trading platforms/websites they are using right now. I have also got some information that they are possibly linked to this Chinese/Taiwanese online game casino: TU娛樂城.

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