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Comment / ReviewLady kept phoning re shares but found out its a scam

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    • ps 06/01/2023 at 09:12 AM

      I got called again today about selling shares on high price... asking for more info

    • ps 06/01/2023 at 09:14 AM

      asking to sell shares

    • simon Bailey 06/19/2023 at 02:03 PM

      Man named Frank Dale (spoke with foreign accent) asking me to open email they sent to me and fill in a form to sell my script dividend share certs in Heathrow airport. I can't ever remember having any shares in Heathrow airport!!! total scam I think wanting my bank details etc.

    • Mustav Seenme Coming 07/07/2023 at 01:22 PM

      Called home phone. Strong accented lady by the name of Lian Wilson from Steinberg Capital Partners phishing for info about Northern Rock shares and registering for compensation. Looked up their website and it was only created 26.6.2023
      She emailed a form for completion (total scam and it's now been forwarded to for their attention)

    • John S Miff 07/17/2023 at 03:44 PM

      Just a scsmmer said his name was hamilton Itold him (not politely )he was a scammer he then theatened me saying he knew whare I lived etc I then told him about my very large dogs that I breed and keep I then rang off he rang back 3 more times

    • Colin Smith 07/27/2023 at 03:22 AM

      Indian lady called “Nathalie Johnston” (yeah right) called asking to speak to my late mother, claiming she still had 108 scrip (bonus) shares in Banco Santander, which is the target of a hostile takeover so they could pay us a high premium for them.
      Clearly they have got hold of share registers and done their homework. She has sent me an NDA to sign. Not sure what the scam will be, presumably they will ask for a fee up front to arrange to sell the shares for me.

    • Whatto 11/22/2023 at 01:47 PM

      Chinese sounding lady called today re my shares in Lloyds bank.So difficult to understand,knew it was a scam.

    • Jonny B Good 02/14/2024 at 09:01 PM

      Lady with Indian accent asked for my daughter by name. I said she hasn't lived here for years - you are a scammer. She said she wanted to speak to her about BT shares. I repeated you are a scammer and I'm eating so shove off. I hung up. I get different ones every day, usually mid morning or mid afternoon. As soon as I hear 'How are you today' with an Indian accent, I know it's likely a scam.

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