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PseudonymTammy Philips
Url / Website
Scam contentsFreind request via facebook. Moved onto google chat where naked pics and sex talking started. Then about a week later she requested $100US to update her phone. About week later asked for money for her birthday and then again requested money for valentines day. About a week after this she advised that her father in the UK had left her an inheritance of gold bullion and diamonds and needed $1600US to get a flight to the UK. I am still talking to this scammer and wont be giving her $1600 but are trying to delay so that an authority can investigate and catch them.
Comment / ReviewThe following are her aliases.

Tammy Philips (Facebook)
Tammy Huttolee (
Tammy Wilson (

THe URL provided s a fake legal service in the UK
If you type the name Kristy Millichamp into facebook you will find a number of young women who all have lived in the UK and now live in Flint Michigan or nearby.

Hope you can assist.

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    • Rdg 03/17/2023 at 06:46 PM

      She's on TRUTH social as "tammylove200" she? Kept messaging me so I entertained her in a chat and like it says above she does have a Google chat account and wanted me to sign up so for the hell of it I did she? Also has at least 3 Facebook profiles under the name "kristy millichamp. Be careful the internet is full of these fake scamming people.


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