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PseudonymPatricia Jackson
Scam contentsHello Jason Rutter,
I've come across your resume on a job-site and would like to offer you a work-from-home position of Regional Processing Manager. Our records indicate that you (Jason Rutter) are located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, but right now you can accept this employment from any state in the US.
My name is Patricia Jackson and I'm the HR manager of Ross Farm Machinery company. We are selling agricultural farm machinery and equipment around the globe.
Our company is looking for an employee in the US for a part-time position with a flexible schedule. The job itself requires you to spend 2-3 hours a day, 5 days a week on average, working from the comfort of your own home.
We are working to achieve a simplified way for buyers all over the US to purchase our products. The company provides one-month paid training and you will receive a standard paycheck at the end of the month.
All additional expenses are covered by us. You are not required to invest your own money prior to this employment and we also do not ask you to pay any start-up fees.
The company offers $3000 monthly salary plus a 5 percent commission from all the transactions you process during this month. Considering the regular volume of clients, the total income that you can earn could be anywhere between $5000 and $5500 per month.
You'll be hired as an independent contractor and will be getting the 1099 form at the end of the year.
If you are interested in this position and would like to learn more, please reply back to this message with your most recent contact information.

Best regards,
Patricia Jackson
Ross Farm Machinery Ltd.
Alton Road Industrial Estate Units 8-9,
HR9 5NB,
United Kingdom
Comment / ReviewTheir icon was Barbie dolls on it. It was shocking to see them use this email address with dolls flashing in the image.

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    • AlmostOopsy 02/13/2023 at 06:07 PM

      I got the same email, but the address it came from was
      It seemed enough like something I could be hired for that I gave further contact info, before I noticed the address it was coming from, one of the things I normally do first!

      They responded with an email that has attachments I am supposed to sign and send back. That seemed weird to be doing so soon, so I finally noticed the gmail address I should have seen before.

      I will not be signing documents, of course. But I guess I'll probably be spammed forever now that they know they have a real address.

    • CharlieBrown1 02/14/2023 at 07:56 AM

      I got the same email. I am in Miami...they just sent me the very suspicious application. Not sending anything to them. Too good to be true

    • Danielle 02/20/2023 at 02:13 PM

      Thank god I've been looking up everyone who is sending me letters. Thank up people.

    • Cj 02/22/2023 at 12:56 AM

      I received the same thing and didn't respond back to her email after getting accepted, Ms. Patricia Jackson then emailed me asking was I ready to take the position. I am so glad that I have the mindset to look up reviews and see what everyone else has to say, thank you all for the feedback I will not be moving forward with this company nor Ms. Jackson.

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