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Scam contentsThey give you a small amount of free USDT to get started, then they give you a few trades to show you it is good, then they get you to put in money to reach a target of 5000 USDT to become a member so you can get more trades told to you. When it comes to taking your money out, they go silent and give you excuses that you need to pay more commissions to get it back. You have no way of getting your money back. I invested over $3000.
Comment / ReviewThis is a fraudulent crypto exchange website.They are contacting victims through Telegram, enticing them with unrealistically high returns to persuade them into investing in their app.After depositing a large amount of money, victims become unable to withdraw their money, and scammers start asking for more money and fees without letting them withdraw their funds.Stay away from this website.

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      • Report #570439 11/21/2022 at 03:05 AM

        They give you small amount of free usdt to get started then they give you a few trades to show you it is good then they get you putting in money to reach a target of 5000usdt to become a member so you can get more trades told to you. when it comes to taking your money out they go silent and give you excuses you need to pay more commissions to get it back. you have no way of getting your money back. i invested over $3000
        Please get these barsteds and jail them or get my money back

        Pseudonym : On Telegram app as Crypto Marketplace 023

      • EG 11/28/2022 at 02:42 AM

        Hey by any chance do they have a leader called "Logan James" and an assistant named "Connie"?

      • Report #574110 11/29/2022 at 11:08 AM

        ETISMC- they call Mr. Henry team including Lisa, Brenda etc from telegram crypto Scam
        Asking small investment with big return profit.
        When I try withdraw, they asked separate cooperation fee payment to release my invest including profits made from ETISMC sites.
        Each day , they will send signals of USDT with 10 to 30% of fund and return 50 to 95% profit.
        They will ask 10K invest with 5K bonus including 3K free test money 💰
        Once you make few big profit you make from ETISMC site , will...
        I did invest $4700 from my coinbase /USDT and they will never let you withdraw your invest money . They will ask 20% cooperation fee to pay separately from total profit you made from ETISMC site.

        Pseudonym : ETISMC
        Telephone : +12898664977

        Request more money to release your profit
        Contact person
        Signal person

      • Report #575628 12/02/2022 at 04:22 PM

        Their mode of scam is that you will be added to a chat group You will randomly be added to a telegram investment group called Henry Harris Club ( In this 1st group, they try to make people register with the scam brokerage firm ( Once you register with their activation code, they invite you to another telegram group called Elite Club. Once in the club, Mandy or Lisa, the assistants will send you daily signals to do binary option BTC/U...
        I have been the victim if their scam. Please avoid these scammers at all costs. Their promises are too good to be true and it is.

        this is is their scam schema:

        Gold members' 10K account funds can participate in 30-second trading signals, and the yield is 50% [2 times a day]
        Perkin members 50K-100K can participate in 60-second trading signals, with a yield of 65% [trading 2-4 times a day]
        Diamond members 150K-250K can participate in 180-second trading signals, with a return rate of 75% [4-6 transactions per day]
        Supreme members 300K-500K can participate in 300-second trading signals, with a return rate of 85% [6-10 transactions per day]
        Gold card members 500K-800K can participate in 600-second trading signals, with a yield of 95% [8-10 transactions per day]
        More than 1000K Mr. Henry personally guides the transaction
        There are many levels of membership. Members of different levels have different capital requirements. Similarly, the membership levels are... Read more

        • scambuster99 12/09/2022 at 01:19 PM

          Update: DO NOT BE SCAMMED BY THE PEOPLE WHO CLAIMS THAT THEY CAN BRING YOUR LONG-GONE MONEY. THAT TOO IS ALSO A SCAM. They will bring funds into a newly created blockchain account in pending status.

          "Chargeback Approved

          This is to let you know that your charge back has been approved after a conclusive investigation on your loss. However, your wallet authentication has failed due to insufficient wallet history, you are hereby requested to make a deposit of 1.57BTC into your new blockchain wallet in order to build your wallet history so that authentication can be enabled. This deposit belongs to you and will be kept in your custodial wallet till the completion of this process."

          They will tell you do some activities such as lots of BTC into that wallet so the pending status can be changed. I have contacted and they told me this:

          "This appears to be a scam. Please do not have any further contact with this person or click any links they sent you. Please feel free to contact your local law enforcement authority about this.

          In general, please never give any third party access to your wallet in any capacity. By design, employees do not have access to or control of a user's funds on their Private Key (non-custodial) Wallets in any way, which also means we do not have the ability to reverse or cancel transactions, or to refund lost funds."

          do not be scammed twice. their social engineering is good but too...Read more

        • Diesel21 12/10/2022 at 01:43 PM

          This is the other bullshit app they come up with it's call

          "OKBI " so don't trust this gay mtfs. And one of the administrators is Sara i know is only a fake name but that's how she call herself on telegram so becareful i will leave a photo of her profile and phone number

          I hope some kind of cyber police get this guys because I was a victim as well

        • scambuster99 12/10/2022 at 05:17 PM

          in my case, Lisa and Mandy were the master scammer Mr. Henry's Assistants. See their fake profiles as well.

        • scambuster99 12/10/2022 at 05:19 PM

          Earning from the club is meaningless, until Mr. Henry find a solution to deduct cooperation fee from our trading account balance not from fresh money from our bank account.

          1. We trust club by bringing our own capital to invest, and it is logical to have the club trust us as well by using our earned money to use for fees.

          2. Paying huge cooperation fees when you have an accumulated huge profit, is not logical.

          I am not being allowed even to take out (withdraw) as little as $1000 unless i have to pay the 20% cooperation fee for the entire account.

          Customer service is useless and hiding behind pre-written statements or policies

          They say: "According to the relevant provisions of the International Foreign Exchange Investment Law, we have no right to deduct any money from the investor's trading account, and the investor needs to complete the payment of the service fee separately. After the financial department receives the service fee, we will initiate a transfer to you within 24 hours, and your withdrawal will reach the account
          Your cooperation fee needs to be paid separately, and the funds in the ETISMC account cannot be deducted from the cooperation fee"

          Mr. Henry must change that policy to remove suspicious around the club. My funds are frozen. Probably i may be kicked out from the club, since i am sharing my frustration with club members.

          My efforts with customer service and Mandy got NO SUCCESS.

          last message from customer service: "Respected user
          Hello, your cooperation...Read more

        • scambuster99 12/11/2022 at 10:47 AM

          do not be scammed again from these recovery agents. Do not open a trust wallet account as they instructed you to do. They are as bad.

        • Dennis Skey 08/13/2023 at 03:16 PM

          I have been scammed by James's Million Dollar club. Skype. It uses a platform call They also have an app you download from GOOGLE PLAY. Unfortunately, they have moved on.

          I actually figured out the software and was able to rack up $44 million in profits.

          Then when I went to pull my money out they told me I did something illegal and wanted to charge me $200k. I think they actually do pay some people but as I said, they milked me and took off. The "assistant" who is called "Kieran" has multiple skype accts. He can give all those acct the same alias.

          This is the same scheme from the Movie, The Sting. Where they have results ahead of time from a horse race and make it seem like they have these awesome "super signals". It is all preprogrammed.

          I should have known. I was able to make millions because their software has a clitch. All I did was use stop losses on the btcusd.

          It would stop at certain prices and I would set stop loss and order in opposite direction. Fees were $30.0. profits where in the thousand due to 100:1 leverage.

          This club I assume might have two or three real people in it. The rest are actors. They use bogus names. And fake conversations.

          It is a real sophisticated sting and you are the mark. STAY AWAY FROM FOREX.

        • Mari L 02/12/2024 at 10:36 AM

          After you figured out the glitch, were you able to get the money you made? Or did you lose it all? How much did you give these people? I was added to the group but I found everyone's messages straNGE. Bot-like, or people whose first language is not English. Out of curiosity I asked how the process works and how one would join the trading platform. I don't plan on giving them any money though. Why do I not see any messages in the group about this being scam? No one is questioning them or saying they lost money. Only positive messages saying everyone's making money and they show screenshots. How strange. How did they find me? Why was I added to this group in the first place?

      • scambuster99 12/02/2022 at 04:53 PM

        These scam artists can come up with any names.

        I have been scammed as well and in my case
        the lead was Henry Harris or Mr. Henry
        The assistants are Lisa and Mandy. Of course, these are all fake names.

        i have reported them here. read my story.

        • G.E 12/03/2022 at 12:56 AM

          Hey, I have been scammed too in my case the leader was Mr.Logan, and the assistant was Connie. If you find a way to recover your funds tell me, please.

      • Report #578680 12/09/2022 at 04:13 PM

        The platform used was ETTSMC.LTD is now ETISMC.TOP
        Customer Support Semce
        P Limon- 818-448-0738
        T-mobile owner with Sherry Nason

        Viber contact:
        Alice and Scott - Z 407 Investment Exchange Club
        With Henry Harris Club

        I Lost a total of $224,985.00

        Description of incident:

        In mid October 2022, I saw a message in Viber (an online chat platform) to me in a group chat called Z 407 Investment ExchangeClub.
        I read messages from a variety of members and it seemed to me that they were...
        I have the same experience as SUSPECTED SCAM!!
        By all meams do not make a mistake like I did. ETTSMC, ETISMC should be arrested and put to jail.
        Are the FBI and FTC after these ETTSMC -ETISMC.TOP ?
        This seems like a big organization. They should be investigated.
        Who can help individual citizens recover their money?
        Let's lget together and STOP these criminals.

        Pseudonym : Mr Henry Harris Club- Viber Z 407 Investment Exchange Club
        Telephone : +18184480738

      • Jone 12/16/2022 at 01:03 PM

        Yes , fishkoin , Etismc, OKBI... 100% scammer , if you paid the fee can't withdraw your fund . They are professional scammer .

        Please report FBI internet crime and complaint center and Federal trade commission .

      • ETISMC_isa_scam 12/17/2022 at 09:59 PM

        henry == logan

      • Jone 12/18/2022 at 07:01 PM

        Scammer artists come different name and

        Different phone number .

      • Report #593535 01/13/2023 at 09:51 PM

        Lady named Sara contacted me through Telegram. Sweet talking & convinced to deposit money in the ETISMC platform. Consistently mentioned Mr. Jon Kent's club name. I trusted her and deposit some money. She send me signals from ETISMC to trade option trading. made some money. She was insisting to deposit more almost everyday. I started to suspect. I did not deposit after the initial deposit. although I am seeing the funds in the exchange account, its frozen. I was not able to withdraw .I was sen...
        I strongly suspect now. But wonder how could they do it in the United States so freely. If found Guilty, they should be brought to justice without any mercy.

        Pseudonym : Sara 54568 Or Sara 2882
        Telephone : +12362068806

      • Dustin 05/08/2023 at 01:48 PM

        I am still in contact with them. It basically is like a game of poker trying to get your money back. Tell them you can double your investment with the next deposit and they may give you a portion of your withdrawal back. Also I noticed someone tried to log in to an account I had on another website with the same user name and password somewhere in Virginia, US. So make sure you change your passwords if you used it elsewhere.

      • Iheoma 10/10/2023 at 01:44 PM

        They did the same thing to me. They get you to keep topping off your account. I invested over $12,000. My invested amount was over $70,000 but when I attempted to make a withdrawal, the assistant by the name of Daisy got upset and within one week, the website was unreachable. The leader's name was Mr. Harry, and the assistant's was Daisy. Please let me know how to about reporting them to the FBI

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