Romance Scam
+85254454637 Jean (Tinder)

PseudonymJean (Tinder)
Url / Website
Telephone+852 5445 4637 (ou 0085254454637) (more info)
Scam contentsThis guy names Jean in Tinder will message you and ask to move the conversation in WhatsApp. At first, they will gain your trust - words of affirmation, emotional messages, etc. They will also go the extra mile and will still chat you even during the wee hours of the day like midnight or early in the morning.

Once they established the connection with you, they will ask you about cryptocurrency. They will then ask you to create a Binance account, and then transfer a small amount to At first, you can still withdraw the money. But once you invested more, knowing that you will earn much and that you can withdraw the money afterwards, the mentioned website will freeze the amount you will withdraw. Next, you have to pay for the 30% tax and a "Green Channel Fee" promising that you will eventually get your money. BUT NO. This is where I realized that I was scammed. I was so stupid to believe.

The scammer will really gain your trust because he will also chip-in quite an amount of money to pay for the taxes and other fees. But of course, everything is fake.

The guy is also using another number: +85259360975.

After realizing that I have been scammed, I was devatated, broke, and depressed. It was the lowest point in my life and I don't know what to do. The money I lost was my whole life's savings. I have learned a great deal of lesson from this incident.

Let us all be aware, take extra care, and do our research. Only invest in real and well-established crypto exchange sites.
Comment / ReviewThe guy is also using another number: +85259360975.

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      • A 03/23/2023 at 02:34 AM

        I also was ALMOST scammed by this same person. It started on Hinge, which is another dating app. He went by the name Andika. He was very sweet and affectionate, he’s sure to tell you everything you want to hear. He wanted to move the conversation to WhatsApp. I started getting suspicious though and I asked him to video call me and it was beyond sketchy, so I asked him to take a picture with my name on it and he couldn’t even do that, he said he didn’t have a pen or paper. So I ultimately decided to reverse image search the pictures he sent me and lo and behold, here he is. He’s also on a site called Mamba going under the name William.
        his phone number this time was (863)201-5016.

      • Sarah Lin 11/13/2023 at 09:17 AM


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