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Scam contentsThe website is a scam. Its domain name was, but they changed it to
Comment / ReviewThe domain name of this website was; however, they changed it to This is a huge red flag.
Also, Its domain name and website name are different. Genuine businesses will always match the store's name with its domain.
Furthermore, instead of using on its policy and terms pages, they instead mention website's parent company is SELEAD LTD. This company was mentioned by several scam websites.
The email address is not related to the domain name and is used by other scam websites
There are too many red flags about this website; do not trust them with your money.

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    • Doreen Sullivan 01/01/2023 at 08:09 AM

      I purchased 2 pair of shoes from this web site claiming to be Clark Shoes...I m looking for a refund..

    • Kirsten 01/10/2023 at 08:20 AM

      I ordered a pair of supposed clarks boots and received a pair of plastic junk shoes that were probably made in a sweatshop. I am so mad and saddened by this scam!! How can they get away with this?? They were on sale for 45.99. Should've known too good of a deal! They came in a tiny bag all folded up they were so cheap. Not 1 piece of paperwork, nothing!!!!! This has to be stopped. And I'd love my money back. Can't even find a number for them!! Cus says clarks but no contact. Be aware of scams people! This parcel traveled from China. Buyers do research!!!! So many scams!

    • shoes 04/14/2023 at 12:01 AM

      Exactly what happened to me, a tiny plastic bag with sandals shoved inside and no paperwork but sent from CA. Spitting nails a this point trying to deal with them!

    • Jean 04/18/2023 at 10:08 AM

      I have the the same problem tying to return sandals in a small plastic bag. The shoes were too small and I am trying to terurn them. No such luck. They cost me over $60.00. And there's no address or telephone number to return them. They are using the famous brand name Ckarke's as to fool people. I guess there's a sucker born every day and I am one of them. By the way, the shoes were only worth about $ 10.00.

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