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Scam contentsHi,
Thanks For Your Inquiry. Welcome to (infinity Huskies Inc.)
It's good to know that you are interested in providing a home for a
Siberian Husky, We had a litter of 10 puppies from 3 different Dams,
4 sold and still have 6 available which you just saw on our
website, We've been raising Siberian Husky puppies over 11 years and
we have always made out time to properly educate ourselves on the
breed to be of help to you as a prospective buyer. All our lovely
cuddles are raised here in our home around kids and other pets. We
have our own house and yard on one section and our puppies are raised
right here, We are their guardians and their voice! Humans with dogs
recover more quickly from illnesses. I mean, how can you NOT live
happily waking up to a smiley face and wagging tail every morning and
after work and night?
We sell our puppies affordable since we don't breed for money but for the
love and care we have for them. This is our last litter since we are
terminating the breeding program and to end it in happy endings, we
have decided to give families the golden opportunity to bring home a
top-quality purebred Siberian Husky Puppies at an affordable price.
We Usually sale a puppy for $1400, But today if you're purchasing from us,
you're getting a discount, so instead of $1400 you're going to be
paying just $650 per puppy Including their papers ad puppy package.

If you guys are okay with the price and ready to bring your dream
companion home, then get back to us .

Available Puppies page =>

Testimonial Page=>

We will appreciate you tell us more about yourself by answering our
few questionnaire below thanks.

* Are you a breeder ?
* Have you had Puppies before ?
* Do you have kids ?
* Do you have a Vet Doctor around ?
* Give me a Brief Description about your Environment?
* Where exactly are you located?
* How many puppies are you interested in having?
* Name of your chosen one?
*How soon would you like the puppy to join your home?

If your application is approved we will reply with further details so that
you can deposit the Funds to proceed with the purchase for your chosen puppy.
Your application will be approved based on your provided information.
We also do same-day home deliveries depending on the time we dispatch
them and also depending on how soon you want the puppy/puppies
delivered at home.

Thank you again for contacting us and hope you win the chance to take
one and 2 of our puppies home.

Waiting to read from you again.

Comment / ReviewThis is a puppy scammer.Please ask to do a video chat with the breeder and to see the puppy on video chat. They are scammers if they give an excuse to why they can't.

Puppy scammers do get arrested and do face jail time. This is why it is important to file a police report and a complaint with IC3 (if in the US) or if in Australia ect. I don't matter where the scammer is located, you should still file a complaint. Please read below..

If you are a victim and in the US,it is important to report these scams to the police as well as and the FTC and include the case number.

In the US ...
1.first ... file a police report - important
2. second ... file a complaint at (IC3 Complaint Referral Form) and include the police report case number near the bottom of the form.
3. go to click report now. Please include police report case number...
4.go to

If you send money to this scammer, please
In Australia ...
1.first. .. file a police report. This is important
2 third: file a complaint at and include the police report case number
include the police report case number

In the UK ...
1.first ... file a police report - important
2. second ... file a complaint at and include the case number of the police report

In Canada ...
1. File a police report
2. file a complaint with Canadian Anti- Fraud Center Toll Free 1-888-495-8501 ( and include the police report case number

In Switzerland:

Hong Kong:

New Zealand:

In the Philippines:

In South Africa file a police report first then a complaint at the websites below... talk.php

Hong Kong:

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