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Scam contentsInvisible Lift-Up Bra sold as a 'sponsored item' on Instagram and Facebook,
Comment / ReviewCareful as also had link in their description. Just tried to open up the post as had left comment and notice can no longer access...
and yes, I fell for it. Ended up not as price I expected $17.99 plus postage, (this apparently was US$ but not advised on site as such, so I ended up paying once directed already to PayPal wait for it:-
17.99 US$ + Ship & Handling US$5.99 + US$.54 for insurance, plus Tax US$6.13 so full US$30.65 ,which PayPal conversion was $50.25 wow I could've gone and purchase similar silicone bras.
My initial invoice from (which came through to my emails after I'd been re-directed to Paypal to pay) says total USD$24.52 now that's a difference in itself to what they got PayPal to charge me. ost. ?? Nothing??

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