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We are a small size French Bulldog loving family located in Pittsburgh,PA and all the puppies on our website were all born and raised in our home around our kids. Our puppies come socialised. Handled everyday, loved and played with. We want our puppies to leave our home well socialised to the world around them. It's important to us that the puppies have an easy transition from us to you and your home to become a forever companion.
Don't hesitate to welcome one of our beautiful frenchies into your life, you won't regret it!

Puppies are given their vaccination and are health checked by our licensed veterinarian! We find it very important for the health of our puppies to not give our own vaccination! This sets us apart from so many breeders!!

Puppies come with:

Dew claws removed.
Bath, groomed and nails clipped.
All age appropriate vaccinations and deworming by a licensed veterinarian.
Puppy Welcome package.
Every purchase is covered by our 30 days 100% money back guarantee.

The puppies that you inquired about (Daisy & Dice) are all still available and ready to join their new homes.

**** Shipping to any major airport across the United States and Canada is 200$. Your puppy's will fly safely in-cabin with our puppy nanny(chaperone) to meet you at your nearest major airport or home address. During the flight, the chaperone will tend to your puppy’s every need.

With our puppy’s safety concern in mind, please take time to answer all the questions below so we can be sure that you are the right match for our little one/ones.
- Tell us a brief summary about yourself and the immediate environment (home), and also if it's your first experience with this breed....?
- How soon do you want to make the purchase....?
- Which puppy do you want?

Please email back to let us confirm how soon you wish to purchase the puppy so we can commence with paperwork/shipping arrangements. You will be provided a puppy contract once your purchase is confirmed.

"Our commitment doesn't end when you buy a puppy , We'll always be available to advice, assist and help you get the best experience with your furry friend.
Comment / ReviewThis is a puppy scammer.Please ask to do a video chat with the breeder and to see the puppy on video chat. They are scammers if they give an excuse to why they can't.

Puppy scammers do get arrested and do face jail time. This is why it is important to file a police report and a complaint with IC3 (if in the US) or if in Australia ect. I don't matter where the scammer is located, you should still file a complaint. Please read below..

If you are a victim and in the US,it is important to report these scams to the police as well as and the FTC and include the case number.

In the US ...
1.first ... file a police report - important
2. second ... file a complaint at (IC3 Complaint Referral Form) and include the police report case number near the bottom of the form.
3. go to click report now. Please include police report case number...
4.go to

If you send money to this scammer, please
In Australia ...
1.first. .. file a police report. This is important
2 third: file a complaint at and include the police report case number
include the police report case number

In the UK ...
1.first ... file a police report - important
2. second ... file a complaint at and include the case number of the police report

In Canada ...
1. File a police report
2. file a complaint with Canadian Anti- Fraud Center Toll Free 1-888-495-8501 ( and include the police report case number

In Switzerland:

Hong Kong:

New Zealand:

In the Philippines:

In South Africa file a police report first then a complaint at the websites below... talk.php

Hong Kong:

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