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    • t nimitz 07/15/2022 at 03:24 PM

      I can confirm this is a scam. Other than the Paypal transaction, Seller will not respond to email. The street address is to an Urban Outfitters storefront. I contacted the store and that had no knowledge of the seller or their web site. The final nail is their support number which gets you to a recorded message "1-2-3-4-5-6 boom boom boom". I filed a case with PayPal and they refunded me within minutes.

    • blaaco 07/17/2022 at 07:21 AM

      Thank you all for posting here.I too fell for this scammers web site which pulls up in Google Searches! I was looking for the "clevercat top entry litter box" and their web site came up.I bought the litter box for $39.99.I then got no confirmation email after my order like I normally do on all other sites I have bought from and became suspect.I emailed,no response.I called to get the same recorded message as poster above and knew I was had. I shut down my card,reported them.The only name I got was Marcy Brown is the scammer!! I hope someone catches this "B(&^"!!

    • scott m 08/11/2022 at 04:02 PM

      i bought a stair climbing cart and within minutes got a fake email about we received your order with an order number. they never responded to my paypal message. nothing for 2 weeks no communication. i called the boom boom number, interesting enough if you google what i ordered there is another website called sevenstarbookstore. with the same layout. the problem with my order is it went right to personal instead of goods and services, if i had chosen goods and services to pay paypal said i would have got the money back right away. so now im going through my credit card company. i do also hope this sob gets his in the end.

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