Scam using Paypal

Scam contentsI ordered a pair of shorts. Unfortunately, I didn't review the order information before I clicked on confirm. They added nearly $20 to my order for shipping and taxes.
Comment / ReviewI am disputing it with paypal now.

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    • Josh 07/13/2022 at 10:33 AM

      Same thing happened to me with a necklace

    • Zelio Rodrigues 08/02/2022 at 09:00 AM

      Recebi a dias um alarme auto e não sei como ver o resultado após as gravações. Alguém me ajuda?

    • Jan 12/11/2022 at 08:30 AM

      They sent me an item that was the size of an Cvs when it was supppsed to be an xl. They are completely fraudulent and why isn’t PayPal doing what they are supposed to do. This is why I use PayPal but they obviously are allowing this fraudulent company to continue to run items through them even though tge tirallt know they are a scam

    • Sarge 01/20/2023 at 07:55 PM

      I ordered a heads up display for my vehicle and got a freaking wireless phone charger that doesn't do a damn thing!!! I called PayPal and got my money back.

    • MJ 02/05/2023 at 11:50 PM

      I ordered their multi functional pants rack. BUYER BE WARE! The product they sent wasn't work a couple of dollars yet they charged $39.96USD and $20.18USD for freight and taxes. When I complained they sent me an email and offered me $7 USD refund and told me to keep the product because freight is too expensive to return. When I asked where I return it to so that I can assess the cost they ignore my request.

    • MICKEY 02/06/2023 at 07:49 PM

      I should have known better: I ordered a piece of lingerie Dec. 27, 2022..I paid with Paypal. Nothing arrived. I found their email address and sent a note January 27. ''They'' replied saying it had been shipped and to be patient! I wrote again today, Feb 6. asking for my money to be refunded in FULL. I no longer want the item, it probably doesn't exist!

    • georgi girl 03/13/2023 at 09:14 PM

      ZERO-MIRACLE NETWORK LIMITED I placed an order which had the price as AUD (Australian dollars) when I finalised the transaction it came up as USD costing me approximately $70 extra I tried to find them on Ebay without any luck. Pay Pal is handling the situation...Buyer Beware

    • Christine 04/12/2023 at 12:53 AM

      waited 6 wks for order, sent 3 e-mails requesting delivery ,told to be patient delivery and tracking problems. only arrived after paypal intervened.wrong size .Beware of ordering from this company

    • Mir 06/21/2023 at 07:53 AM

      Ordered products from this company. No email address no tracking information. Scam beware.

    • CynthiaH1955 07/26/2023 at 07:39 PM

      Me, too!

    • Judith Hearnshaw 11/11/2023 at 05:14 AM

      I ordered 6 covers for car windscreens. Very worried as i am now seeing all the comments.

    • Tess McDermott 12/02/2023 at 12:54 PM

      Looks like i have been scammed too! Ordered some xmas decorations that havent arrived! I am annoyed that Paypal have not as yet stopped associating with them.. as it seems customers have been reporting this reckless company forr well.over a year!

    • HJan 02/22/2024 at 07:36 AM

      I ordered a dress from them and payment forced through Paypal. Not received the order yet so assume this is a scam.

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