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Phone Fraud : +18774302355


Telephone+1 877-430-2355 (ou 0018774302355) (more info)
Comment / ReviewThis scam works so well because big company like Walmart, Straighttalk, and Tracfone are involved. The people are scammed and afraid to confront these fraudsters. Straighttalk hides in Walmart store, and sell network services with phones provided by Tracfone. You buy the phone, and service as a PREPAID transaction. What you do not realize is the phone is not yours even though you paid full price. Hidden under the transaction is the fact that when you want to switch to another carrier you cannot because the phone is LOCKED, and can only be used it for Straighttalk or Tracfone service network. If the service does not work where you live, you will be forced to pay a ransom of $102 to release the phone. So, this is a criminal act that big business get away with. I am fighting this now, and hence I am making everyone aware not to buy any phone that is locked unless it is a CONTRACT phone if you cannot afford an UNLOCKED phone. Now, I have no phone to use for T-Mobile since T-Mobile works where I live. What a 'legal' scam that our government allows. So Tracfone-Straighttalk-Walmart criminal arrangement to defraud the people. FIGHT FOR JUSTICE WHERE INJUSTICE EXIST.

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