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Scam contentsThey have adverts with items looking huge and a constant 50% last day of sale. The items are tiny no bigger than a small medicine bottle and they do not reply to a single email, of which I've now found 4 emails gor them, its just an automated service saying they are closed and will get back to you within 12 hours between opening times mon to Fri 9am to 7pm. They DO NOT EVER get back to you. Then you're expected to return the stuff to China when they have an English address:-
1st Floor Beaconsfield, Msam40 Junction 2, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, England. HP9 2SE.
Comment / ReviewI ordered my stuff from Vividlyapple, confirmed it, got the receipt by paying through Paypal which popped up to pay in 3 payments. I went off-line happy with the payment and went on a few hours later to find the 3 payments I'd already agreed with both Vividlyapple (merchant) and PayPal, had been put up by £30 or thereabouts. This was not the agreement I had made with PP who would not halt the money to merchant and merchant would not reply, except to say order had been shipped, even though original agreement was still pending and this was probably not even 2 hours later. I suffer from MH illnesses, I lost my forever 28 son, sister and father to suicide (all at different stages) and I'm a survivor trying to halt this curse, even though I struggle everyday with complicated grief, PTSD, agoraphobia, Anxiety attacks and sleeping strange hours. PayPal lied, they obstructed every single way of me halting the payment, told me they'd refund me by 27th February if goods didnt arrive from Vividlyapple but they didn't refund me on 27th Feb and goods didn't arrive until mid March!! What a joke the items were... a water feature, I think it was made for a dolls house, not the garden, I swear it's no bigger than s medicine bottle and the X large spheres looks nothing like the pictures, smaller and really plastic looking. Paypal changed my resolutions, you can never find the correct one anyway, my first one immediately was "wrong payment" and that was within 2 hours or so but Paypal changed it to goods not received, after they'd put my original agreement up in price !! Of course goods were not received, I'd just ordered the blooming things. PayPal put a limit on my returns, even though I have agoraphobia and I had to covid shield and Vividlyapple were late, I was not late not even after the 10 days shielding that PP gave me extra as Vividlyapple had an 80 days return guarantee. Vividlyapple would not answer a single email and Paypal kept closing my resolutions. When I went on 10 days after shielding (7th April), guess what, Paypal had sent me a message saying "the case was now closed as per my ORIGINAL resolution" (the one they changed themselves to "goods not received") on the 11th February, the day I bought them!!! They deliberately did this, knowing I couldn't take any more, they closed the messages and my new dispute resolutions with that message regarding the items not received saying "resolution of 11 Feb was now closed after resolution regarding items having not been received now showed by tracking that they had been received" my gawd, that was the last straw, I was on another resolution to return items by this time "items not as described" and I'd sent PayPal photos of items. Paypal and I were in middle of items being returned but they closed it all with a fraudulent resolution from day items ordered!! I'm sure Paypal are colluding with Vividlyapple to scam people as the original payment of £38 x3 was still there on my account the one PayPal, Vividlyapple and I had agreed to and not £47 x 3. I'm stuck with cheap Chinese tat and if I'd just paid it by myself with my credit card, I could have rang up my bank and stopped the payment immediately till it was put back to original payment or cancelled the order. PayPal nor Vividlyapple would let me do that.
I've now deleted my account with Paypal, they're just as bad. Take this as a warning, don't buy from Vividlyapple and never use Paypal to pay, use a credit card then get a 0% card to pay off all payment's, if it's a large amount. I was going to buy flooring through Paypal at over £1000, thank gawd I never a the PP customer services are the worst I've ever come across. I actually had a meltdown because of PP doing what they liked, a different person on that text app every time, messaging had to be through the text app instead of to your email and Paypal control that texting with humans in a call centre to drive you crazy and messages only last 90 days, very convenient for Paypal. I've hundreds of messsges, I'm not sure how many files I can attach on here if mote than one, I'll add relevant ones. Paypal also offered me a £30 payment as a goodwill gesture, then put it in to dollars and it was £21!!

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    • Francine Winn 05/24/2022 at 04:49 PM

      I received a pair of white sandals from you: Order 9982022041106434346139; showed them to my physical therapist to see if okay to wear. He advised to return them as the sole on the shoe is much too slippery. I had broken my ankle in three places and am almost to the point of wearing sandals instead of sneakers.

    • Antonio pellicer manzano 07/28/2022 at 07:11 PM

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    • Nancy 09/16/2022 at 07:59 PM

      I ordered a lamp from inckwp and they didn’t send me anything so i don’t have a tracking number

    • Anne 09/22/2022 at 09:23 PM

      This is NOT a reputable company. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THEM. I bought what I understood to be 6-8 highlighter pens for a sum of $19.99USD which was shown as $24.57AUD on the order. I have been charged $30.71USD on my Paypal account. I received 2 (THAT IS 2 ONLY!!) pens!! This is an absolutely deceitful company.

    • Dawn 10/20/2022 at 02:25 PM

      How do you get a refund from this company? I ordered a pair of shoes and they sent the wrong size but the are made extra cheap.

    • Kelly Fenner 10/22/2022 at 08:38 PM

      Inception,Co.,Ltd accepted an “ order” from me a few weeks ago for a wide legged jumper. I can’t get in touch with them or track the shipment. The money has come out. I can’t cancel or call anyone. It’s a company that doesn’t exist except that they took my money. I’ve changed my account and bank card. So my numbers are safe again.

    • P Marie 10/27/2022 at 03:09 AM

      I placed an order with inckwp, Co.,Ltd in August. Payment posted on August 25, 2022. I have not received the items, nor a tracking number. I've e-mailed twice with no response. What is my recourse?

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