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Scam contentsThe website pretends to sell reebok sport shoes but the payment is rejected on the website and sends you to pay through a third party called "Unrootedartist". You receive a so called confiration of þhe payment and never hear from them again.
Comment / ReviewAfter making the order and making the online payment, in my account on their websitw the payment still shows up as pending (even after a week), although the money were taken from my bank account and I have received 2 confirmations of the payment from 2 different email addresses. I have tried to contact them through the website, through the emsil address provided in the confirmation and as a reply to the confirmation, but I have received no snswer. After searching the email addresses on the internet, I have found out that they are marked as fraudulent.
These are the emmail addresses connected to this fraudster: email@

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