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Scam contentsgemThe coinRAU GIVEAWAY!gem
You have been randomly selected among users of Discord Channels
in the Giveaway! CoinRAU - Professional digital asset trading platform. We and our partners decided to make a big giveaway to hеlp pеoрlе in this diffiсult timе.We give cryptocurrency from 0.15 to 1 BTC to random users.
If yоu rесeived this mеssаgе
Yоu аre onе of the winners in our GIVEАWAY!
Yоu wоn:
0.5683 BTC
Yоur рromo соde:
How to start using the sitegrey_question
small_orange_diamondRegister an account on the site :
small_orange_diamondGo on Page "Codes"
small_orange_diamondActivate your promotional code
small_orange_diamondReceive BTC on your account
small_orange_diamondFinish your verification
small_orange_diamondWithdraw your funds!

pencil2If you have any questions, contact us in online support:
Comment / ReviewNeed to deposit my own btc to withdraw more users win WTF?


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      • Report #354360 04/26/2021 at 09:45 AM

        If you received this message
        You are one of the winners in our GIVEAWAY >
        COINRAU Financial Company OÜ and our partners decided to make a mass draw and give cryptocurrency to random Discord users

        How can You register
        Go to the registration page at: In the form that opens, enter your email address, password, password confirmation, and also confirm your agreement with the User Agreement and the Privacy Policy. Click the "Register" button
        How do you activate the Code and withdraw funds
        Basically looks like a scam. Got a message that I won a large amount of bitcoin, redeemable at their site, simply by entering a provided cocde. However, when following the instructions for withdrawing it, site says you need to first deposit $500 USD for "verification."

        Pseudonym : coinRAU platform

        • coinrau2 04/26/2021 at 03:01 PM

          I got the same. .55btc was the amount I won; and same deposit to make to become verified.

      • Matt 04/27/2021 at 01:52 PM

        Having received a similar private message from the one attached to this report, I've looked into the domain history for coinrau[dot]com. It appears to only be 14 days old, which raises an immediate red flag to say the least. The discord bot name which I received the DM from is in fact different to the OP's, although the content is almost identical. The bot that I received the message from was called "Playful Peak".

        I'd say that this is in fact a scam. It seems very unusual to offer 0.5btc (what I received) winnings as a new site, or any considering that's around $27k. Also, given this is marketed via random discord bots whose names are inconsistent and that never match the domain in any way. If anyone should stumble upon this here, do not be tempted to sign up to the website or enter any of your details. You'd only be providing the operators more information to utilise for further phishing scams. I've checked if any local storage and cookie data is stored in the browser upon visiting the website. Nothing malicious like BEEF (Browser Exploitation Framework) hooks appear to be stored. Merely Laravel (the PHP framework which the site is written in) session related cookies and other analytics/ID tokens. Nonetheless, avoid; it's most definitely a scam.

      • SomeNiceGuyOnTheInternet 04/27/2021 at 04:15 PM

        Yea I agree with your facts here. But I did sign up and enter my email address. But it's an email address which I no longer use. I didnt provide any personal information tho. That's not to disaterous right?

      • Jeff 04/27/2021 at 06:35 PM

        Got a message from discord user without profile picture

      • aidan 04/28/2021 at 11:59 AM

        DO NOT THIS IS A SCAM, Email is corroded since i tried to register the giveaway which was " You WON 0.459 BTC (25055 $) "

      • icdmize 04/28/2021 at 02:27 PM

        They hit me today too. It's an amazing coincidence I won 0.459 BTC as well. This is the modern day Nigerian Prince scam. You give me money and then I'll give you more.

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