Christina Norman investment acam

Details / precisionsThis Christina claims to be a lawyer that can help clients get back monies lost in an earlier scam.This one claims monies lost can be recouped via bitcoin.But at some point fresh funds Hv to be injected by claimant before any transactions can proceed.Hv you come across a similar story? Thanks. I’m

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  • Abii 05/12/2023 at 10:31 AM

    Hello Ladybird, this could be a recovery scam which doubles as an advance-fee scam. Basically a recovery scammer will claim to be able to get your money back but only after you send them a set amount in advance- problem is, as soon as you send them the money they disappear with it leaving you high and dry.
    It's better to proceed with caution and do more research into this person and their claims before making any final decisions.