Phishing scams

Phishing is a scam technique used by phishers to recover sensitive data by masquerading as trusted organizations.

To make this scam, scammers create fake websites that look like official versions. To better target their victims, they usurp identities well known to the general public : banks, telephone operators, energy suppliers... In a second step, they send a large number of emails (SPAMS) by inviting users to enter their login information or bank details !

In UK or USA, the main usurped identities are : PayPal, EDF,...

To report phishing, simply complete this form.

Last reported scams wiluko 08/21/2023... Comment / Review: DO NOT USE. Scam contents: contacted by what I thought was Wilko via facebook saying they had gone into recievership and were selling off stock cheaply, I bought a couple of items , only to dicover they were scammers
+523341681340 Correos Mexico 08/19/2023... They are sending text messages from the next numbers: +52 55 9262 7429 +52 33 4168 1340 The links open pages that appear to be from "Correos Mexico" but are fake, they want you to pay so you can get your package.
+447830934752 USPS 08/18/2023... Comment / Review: Phishing site. Try to steal your personal information and money form your card. . Scam contents: SMS from UK phone number: The USPS package has arrived at the warehouse and cannot be delivered due to incomplete address information. Please c
+19202603605 Onvoy LLC 08/17/2023... Comment / Review: Called 8 times in a row. Scam contents: Unknown . SUSPECTED SCAM!
+18552139355 UNL Refund Department 08/17/2023... I don't even own a business yet they're saying that i'm entitled to a refund. I've been getting calls from this number as well: 989-260-6664. Be careful as these guys are after your financial information, don't call the number. UPDATE: more phone number
John Blue (4 comments) 08/16/2023... Comment / Review: Who is this soft cock John Blue? Surely they can be traced and their details made public . Scam contents: Hello there! Unfortunately, there are some bad news for you. Some time ago your device was infected with my private trojan,
+18554219722 Central Refund Department 08/16/2023... The "Central Refund Department" does not exist, it's just a weird official sounding name that scammers use to get you to trust them. They have been using +1 269-215-8709 and +1 855-421-9722 lately to call as many people as they can. Don't call the number th
+18778228290 Meta Security Team 08/16/2023... The scammers behind this text are using 877 numbers to send this texts in bulk claiming that your Facebook page has been disabled. Whatever you do, do not click on the link and do not fill out any sort of information, this is a scam. Ref: BISEU/BB-BOE/0601-19 08/16/2023... Why this people still doing this kind of modus.What is there purpose. They don't have work to do so.I am only laborer and I don't have money. Can you please stop doing or find this kind of person.I alway receive this kind of scam from Ghana,USA,Canada. I want +18335543744 رشدي حمدي عمر مصطفي مدكور (1 comment) 08/15/2023... Comment / Review: we did not order this being not pay . Scam contents: Your 0rder 0rder Number: #13398461-9264024 Payment method: Online YOUR 0RDER PC Optimizer cleans and boosts your PC – faster! 179.99 USD The 179.99 USD payment will John Blue 08/15/2023... Comment / Review: .... Scam contents: Hi, today there are sadly some bad news for you. Your device was infected with my private malware, your browser wasn't updated / patched, in such case it's enough to just visit some website where my iframe is placed to
USPS | Package On Hold 08/15/2023... Scammers have been sending out texts and emails pretending to be the USPS and saying that you have to update your address. Do not click this link, this is just a phishing landing page that's designed to get you to disclose your personal and financial informat 08/14/2023... I ended up realizing that the website url was spelled wrong, with "surppot" instead of "support." I thought it might have been my subscription package from overnight oats but then the tracking number didn't match. I locked my card and requested a new one with +18186509766 Mario balart 08/13/2023... Comment / Review: Fournir les informations et documents nécessaires demander. Scam contents: ✡️☠️🔯 *61NUIT SAINTE DE 666* ___________________________ *LIRE ATTENTIVEMENT CI-DESSOUS ET NOUS FOURNIR TOUTES LES INFORMATIONS NÉCESSAIRES, N
0615821500 UPS 08/11/2023... I'm expecting a package from abroad and scam message was sent to me demanding additional 2.99$ for customs tax. The message claimed to be by UPS. The thing is that it's not even UPS delivering the package to me, but a completely different company. I could see 08/10/2023... Comment / Review: Website is using my information to scam people.. Scam contents: Website is using my information to scam people. The products listed for sale are not real, pricing is not real. (11 comments) 08/09/2023... Comment / Review: I don't know what to do, I looked up this website and have seen similar reports of it been a scam.. Scam contents: I bought a pair of Dr.Martens from this website for €39.80 yesterday, about €7.90 shipping, or something. Sometime in the e
+61283583822 08/07/2023... Comment / Review: Number calls but if you pick up they do not answer. When you call the number it rings out. Obviously a scammer.. Scam contents: Number calls but if you pick up they do not answer. When you call the number it rings out. Obviously a scammer Authypay 08/03/2023... Comment / Review: Do not engage with this website or their "customer care" on Telegram.. Scam contents: Website poses as a legitimate international bank and then makes you pay for your withdrawals by an OTP, then a Linking fee and then after that more fees to
USPS FAILED DELIVERY 08/01/2023... Scammers have been sending emails and texts pretending to be the USPS and saying that you have a undelivered package and they need you to input your data again so you can get your package. This is a scam, don't give them any personal information whether it's
+447401923012 07/31/2023... Comment / Review: I need this resolved . Scam contents: Mr./Ms.[(252) 732-1252] [USPS]  The package has arrived at the warehouse and cannot be delivered due to incomplete address information. Please confirm your address at the link. +447459624826 Tracey Wilson, Gia Lopez (1 comment) 07/30/2023... The scamer contact you for a product that you wanna sell, then because is to far away and he cannot vome in person to colect the product is "hiring" a courier (Fed-Ex) in my case, and "through theyr app" with a link to receive your money. After you put your ba Amazon 07/30/2023... I am very careful to note phishing sites, but this one was very very good. I had to change cards this week and immediately thought I missed updating Amazon to my card number and put in my new card number. Only after I hit send did I look closer to URL's of l 8339552560 07/29/2023... Comment / Review: Website needs shutdown and credit card processing company needs notified.. Scam contents: Creates apps similar to other products then asks for cc info stating there will be no charge then charges you multiple times for approximately 45.99.
+447383763780 07/29/2023... This is not the real USPS website. This is just a phishing landing page that scammers use to get your personal information, this scam always starts with either a phishing email or text. If you do get an email or text that looks like it was from USPS, do chec
Bogg bag 07/28/2023... Website mimics content even fonts of real bogg bag site, but then steals credit card info. After inputting credit card it gives some type of error message, then fraudulent charges started appearing on card.
Mark & Spencer (1 comment) 07/26/2023... Scammers are running fake ads on Facebook and sending people messages on WhatsApp claiming Mark & Spencer is giving away meals and asking them to fill out a form to claim their prize. This is a scam. Fraudsters are trying to steal people's money and confident
+447359715415 EVRI 07/25/2023... the link takes you to what looks like a legitimate site, it asks you to re-schedule and asks for your address and post code. You then get asked for your card details. The site has since gone down and a scam warning is now coming up when you click it
+447359580409 07/25/2023... Comment / Review: Scam sent by text message. Scam contents: Wants name address and card details. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+18444951471 Bank Of America 07/25/2023... These scammers are using this phone number to send texts and make calls under the pretext that they are from Bank Of America. Do not click any of the links they'll send you or call them for any reason whatsoever, they are after your financial and personal inf
Verify 07/24/2023... Comment / Review: Not expecting any package.. Scam contents: Paketisi on pidossa koska kadun numero puuttuu paketista. Päivitä toimitustietosi.. SUSPECTED SCAM! FrAAVY 07/23/2023... I was trying to download and install the parkmobile app to pay for parking in a city I was visiting, when what I thought was the green continue button popped up after I scanned the QRCode. I thought I was putting my information into the parkmoble app, but obvi
+442079935317 (1 comment) 07/21/2023... Comment / Review: Holly willoughby image on the left has clearly been photoshopped and im not sure any of this page is legit. Scam contents: They say british, not sure thats a british contact number. They have clearly doctored images of celebs. False comments
+18553520809 Kenneth City Unions Refund (1 comment) 07/19/2023... This phone number is being used for robo-calls where they'll claim that you're getting a refund. These robo-calls can vary as there have been reports of them claiming to be Kenneth City Unions Refund. In other cases the robo-calls were completely different as
+447389644721 PostNord and UPS 07/19/2023... This website serves as a front, but the true criminal activity lies in the SMS messages they send using fake shipping companies to steal your credit card numbers. Please refrain from making any purchases on this website and exercise caution when providing your
+18553577144 United Airlines 07/18/2023... Scammers are using this phone number to spam call potential victims, they are pretending to be United Airlines and that they are offering you some sort of a refund. This is false, they are after your financial and personal information. They might be using ot 448455280016GB (1 comment) 07/17/2023... Comment / Review: Stop my subscription, please.. Scam contents: After a payment of €2,00 they take €47,00 of me every month. I don't want that and I want it to stop. I can't contact them because there is no information about the owner that I can find. Hel Cai Zheng 07/17/2023... fake return adress Receiver : Cai Zheng Post code:510080 Address: No. 265, Xinshi Market, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China . Telephone: 18519362377 07/14/2023... We have recently identified a fraudulent website that is impersonating our bank and deceiving our clients. Our investigation has revealed that the domain CC-MALL.LIFE is being used for phishing purposes, and we believe that it poses a significant threat to any Official Mammut Online Shop (1 comment) 07/14/2023... Comment / Review: Realised it was a scam after looking up the email address.. Scam contents: Supposedly selling Mammut clothes.. SUSPECTED SCAM! (2 comments) 07/13/2023... Comment / Review: This website is using my identity to sell items and scam people out of money. Items are never received by the consumers, it needs to be shut down.
USPS Shipping address problem 07/11/2023... This is not the official Usps website, this is just a phishing landing page that is designed to get you to give important personal and financial information. These scammers are sending mass texts and emails that look like they are from the USPS, urging you
MGB_001 07/11/2023... Comment / Review: I tried to check the phone number however I can’t interact with the account in any way, I can only click the phishing link.. Scam contents: I recieved an SMS about a “package ready to deliver, please enter delivery details on the followin
USPS failed delivery (8 comments) 07/10/2023... This is not the real Usps website. This is just a phishing landing page that scammers use to get your personal information, this scam always starts with either a phishing email or text. If you do get an email or text that looks like it was from USPS, do chec
BBC Elon Musk Bitcoin Giveaway $750M 07/06/2023... This website claims to be the official BBC website. They are saying that in collaboration with Elon musk they're giving away free bitcoin. Yeah this is a scam, this is not the real BBC website and Elon has nothing to do with this. Don't click anything on he Grant Aid Authority ( Financial assistance) 07/04/2023... This is yet another "hey, have some free money" scam. They don't have anything to give out, they also left out any and all information that can be used to get to know who or what is behind this supposed grant: There's no physical address and no phone number.
+18008693557 Wells Fargo 07/03/2023... This is a scam, they are trying to steal your identity, they may already have your: full name full address DOB email address entire debit card # the pin for the debit card They'll try and get you to give up the last 4 digits of your social, then they Annie 07/03/2023... SLEAZY PORN EMAIL SCAM - * Repetitive Pornographic emails sent to CHILDREN Same pathetic sender - same IP used last 2 years Amateurish designed & poorly worded email Link to pornographic dating site DO NOT OPEN _ LINK CONTAIN viv195 (5 comments) 07/02/2023... Weird email scam - Same person as crypto & sex email scams. Sends "NO SUBJECT" to check active email addresses X-Originating-Ip: [] Domain Name Email IP : Same email address used by all of the senders SCAMS Hostn +35796819633 07/01/2023... He makes a false promise for loans, he claims to be from Switzerland, so even now Italy is all a lie, I paid €5,700 and he is only asking for money for fees, etc.