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Phishing scams

Phishing is a scam technique used by phishers to recover sensitive data by masquerading as trusted organizations.

To make this scam, scammers create fake websites that look like official versions. To better target their victims, they usurp identities well known to the general public : banks, telephone operators, energy suppliers... In a second step, they send a large number of emails (SPAMS) by inviting users to enter their login information or bank details !

In UK or USA, the main usurped identities are : PayPal, EDF,...

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Last reported scams MRS CHRISTIANA MICHAEL 03/30/2023... 419 Email Scam - Same sender as Crypto Scam & sex emails Stupid scam email Shit - Sent by a MORON named MRS CHRISTIANA MICHAEL Jazmon Duhh Bit & MRS CHRISTIANA MICHAEL is the same person X-Originating-Ip: [] domain of ISP: Googl
+16195566742 Coastal postals 03/30/2023... Comment / Review: Website can only be found via searching his phone number. He is in California. Scam contents: Phish scam, not sending packages, charging more for labels that don’t exist. Demanding money saying their package shipping has issues. Website ca +441615201277 03/30/2023... They are scamming and fishing so please never give any details and I heard even if you cancel subscription they will charge your credit card after every 3 days. I learnt the lesson today so I just froze my credit card and new card on the way.
Bitcoin bonus 03/29/2023... Comment / Review: He said they've been using my IP address for the last year to mine Bitcoin and to meet withdrawal asked my information. Scam contents: They said I had 37,000 Bitcoin that I should withdrawal Bitcoin to my card
+447596160259 Mum 03/29/2023... These scammers are texting people while posing as a member of their family. Once they start interacting with them, they start claiming to have a financial emergency and pleading with them for assistance. Stay alert and avoid falling for their tricks.
SCAM FRAUD 03/29/2023... BE AWARE to this SCAM DO NOT BOOK with this scammers This website is FAKE and they use a real villa name to scam people like us. You can find this scammers posted on: 03/29/2023... This website Is a fake website for STC (Saudi telecom company) And other mobile companies in Saudi Arabia Like mobily .. Zain.. Lebara.. etc.. in Saudi Arabia The original website for STC (Saudi telecom comp 03/29/2023... Comment / Review: stinking gutless fxxx'ers continue with their crap . Scam contents: When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. And mascara Click me - 0 0 2 54 03/29/2023... this page claiming to be a Saudi airlines web site ..and claiming that when u put some information U WILL won 30000 Saudi Arabia riyal ..and this fake and not true at all
discord: george cutitaru #4466 03/28/2023... Comment / Review: please spread no telling how many people hes gotten. Scam contents: user is trying to get clients from's login info. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+18067172284 Norton 03/28/2023... Comment / Review: just don't call the number, check with your bank or Norton directly after your make sure you close this email do not call that number. Scam contents: view the attached file for the scam contents Harmony Cricket 03/28/2023... BEWARE. Do not click on these links and report them as "phishing" to your email administrator if encountered. Also, report them here so they get picked up and people will know to how to handle it if the become victims of this fraudulent activity. West Chester Magistrates 03/28/2023... Comment / Review: this is a scam, if you see this email just delete it, you should not respond or follow any instructions that were mentioned in the email. Scam contents: Cash Settlement Awarded to ********** We regret to inform you that you have been a vic 03/28/2023... Comment / Review: the gutless stinking fxxx'ers at it again . Scam contents: Thanks for signing up Hi Horny Lily wants to show you body😉, Thanks for signing up to The Body Coach Newsletter 🙏🏼 We send our newsletters out on 03/28/2023... Comment / Review: price is too cheap. have to purchase before timer runs out.. Scam contents: On Facebook they. advertise this fabulous power swivel rocker recliner for $12.99. Cheaper if you buy more but you must purchase before timer runs out. It comes fre Citibank of New York 03/27/2023... A phishing email pretending to be from Citibank and requesting people's confidential information. Be careful, this is a scam.  Your bank would never request your information this way. Paypal Customer Support 03/27/2023... Another phishing email purporting to be from Paypal claims to offer a $500 gift card.Scammers are using these deceptive emails to steal your confidential and banking information. These kinds of emails have been previously reported here: https://www.scamwatch
+15618496786 03/24/2023... Sent a text message containing a phishing site to USPS claiming that a mailing address needs updated for a package. It's a nicely made site, but USPS confirmed that the package doesn't exist. Costco Customer Support 03/24/2023... Another fake Costco email has been sent to people claiming they have won a Ninja Kettle as a reward. Be careful. These people will steal your money along with your personal and financial details.
@crypto_helper_for_you 03/24/2023... He is posting videos showing people how by redeeming his code, on their website they can earn 0.24 BTC. However when trying to withdraw the amount you are asked to deposit 0.02BTC to "verify" the account before. MRS CHRISTIANA MICHAEL 03/23/2023... 419 Email Scam - Same sender as Crypto Scam emails Stupid scam email Shit - Sent by a MORON named MRS CHRISTIANA MICHAEL X-Originating-Ip: [] *Contains Malware Domain Name Country Hungary ISP: Magyar Pastor rod parsley 03/23/2023... shepherd ... I SHALL NOT WANT! The life-changing, life-saving promises of Psalm 23 are promises of abundance, peace and comfort, prosperity, health, joy, wholeness, and much more. I believe these are the blessings the Lord wants for you, beginning in thi search store (15 comments) 03/23/2023... The website pretends to have a clearance sale, offering a Playstation 5 for only $29.99. The price is unrealistic, and the offer seems too good to be true as it cannot be made by a genuine and legitimate company. The website is based in China, and this alon
+18772822612 03/23/2023... If you do get any random text message of someone pretending to be your bank and asked you to call them back on the same number, do not, just close the text message and contact your bank directly. +8662681726 Paypal Support 03/22/2023... Comment / Review: Nice try but could definately fool some. . Scam contents: Fake $800 Paypal transaction details thay urge you to call the same scam phone number over and over.
9290983 Publishers Clearing House 03/22/2023... Comment / Review: scamming people by pretending to be from the PCH and stealing their banking information. be careful. Scam contents: Hi. My name is Deborah Holland. This is an important message from the Publisher’s Clearinghouse prize patrol team. Congr
53129232 Publishers Clearing House 03/22/2023... These people are pretending to be from the Publishers Clearing House and claiming you won a prize from the PCH. This is a scam. Their true intention is actually to steal your personal information along with your banking details. Be cautious and avoid providin
+5168443577 Publishers Clearing House / 646-661-5596 03/22/2023... Another scam call from fraudsters purporting to be the PCH and fooling people by claiming they won a prize. People who engage with them are at risk of losing their confidential and financial information along with their money without ever receiving anything b
+5168537356 Publishers Clearing House 03/22/2023... These scammers are posing as PCH and calling and messaging people randomly, claiming they have won a prize. Once they engage with them, they start asking them for advanced fees, pretending it's necessary to claim the prize. They are also using this phone numb Currys pc world department 03/22/2023... Scammers are trying to get your personal and financial information using this trick of free gifts and prizes. Be careful and do not engage with them. another similar scam has already been reported here :
DPD UK 03/22/2023... Comment / Review: A phishing text message has been sent to one of my friends, even though she didn't order anything from Costco. Be careful; this must be a scam. American Airlines Customer Support 03/22/2023... attempting to defraud people of their money and personal information by sending emails to random recipients. Take care. This report also contains the same kind of deceptive information. +18889935273 Macey Department 03/22/2023... Comment / Review: Ordered on 3/3/23 my received yet!. Scam contents: Cooking ware set & one piece free for $29.89 a total $33.88.. SUSPECTED SCAM!
Text messages for failed payment 03/22/2023... Comment / Review: Don’t fall for this scam. It all looks very very convincing, but it is 100% a scam!. Scam contents: Website to book massages. Overly expressive on “security” and makes the user fee at ease. User will enter credit card number to secur 8889363783 GEEK SQUAD 03/22/2023... Comment / Review: Please read the statement above. Scam contents: A fake invoice stating a auto renewal is about to transpire. Call if i have questions. When i called immediately the operator wanted access to my computer to check on subscription. Hungup and ca USPS 03/21/2023... This is a phishing attempt that is design to get your personal data, do not click on that link, and move forward with your day, contact the usps directly if you need to, but never using that link
Naughty (1 comment) 03/21/2023... Comment / Review: I want my money back.. Scam contents: 360 pcs tool box was ordered. But still haven't come.. SUSPECTED SCAM! Makita Power Drill Department 03/21/2023... Be vigilant, as this is a phishing email that claims to be offering the opportunity to win a Makita powder drill. However, as soon as you participate, they steal your credit card information and keep charging you without sending anything. Hobby Lobby Customer Support 03/21/2023... A phishing email has been sent claiming to be from Hobby Lobby and purporting to be offering free gift cards. These scammers are trying to steal people's money and personal information.Be careful and do not fall for them. Otherwise, you will be at risk of iden 03/21/2023... A friend of mine has received this email, which looks really fishy. They claim to be from Jackson. The link they provide is bogus, and the email is not from Jhonson Company; however, it belongs to another dubious website.Be careful and do not engage with these
+18453109898 Publishers Clearing House 03/18/2023... Comment / Review: Phone phishing scam, text is copy of recorded message converted by phone service to an email.. Scam contents: Congratulations. We here at the publishers clearing house sweepstakes and lottery are proud to inform you from our house to yours +16468200031 Aleksandr Davydov 03/18/2023... Comment / Review: They are scammers. Scam contents: They are MCA FRAUD THEY GET INFO FROM LEADS AND USED IT TO GET MONEY FROM BANKS. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+61410735589 03/18/2023... Comment / Review: did not open sms. Scam contents: your Uber payment was declined .... SUSPECTED SCAM!
QGHBC 03/17/2023... The group is ending text messages inviting people to join their group WhatsApp and encouraging them to invest in Bitcoin with them. Be careful as they don't pay you anything and won't let your withdraw your funds. To be avoided at all costs
+18886762269 Bank of Montreal Business Centre scam (1 comment) 03/17/2023... This number was active back 2020 but then the spam calls stopped, it emerged again recently and they have been countless reports on mutiple scam websites that mention this number. Don't give them any information, instead, hang up and call your bank directly.
+12239778342 Capital Refund Credit Scam Text 03/17/2023... "Capital Refund Credit Scam Text and Call - 855-600-2227" Do not call the number, it also has been reported that they keep changing numbers, the text message is sent at random in a very spammy way. Be careful
+61468742821 03/17/2023... This is tricky, This is a clear phishing attempt. as a general rule do not click any links coming to you though sms messages before you verify them. Also,you can always check where the message is coming from through number identification services online lik
+17868949832 Wells Fargp 03/16/2023... Comment / Review: REPORTED TO WELLS FARGO THIS TEXT LOOKED VERY LEGIT WITH WF LOGOS. I FELL FOR IT UNTIL THE PROMPT ASKED FOR PIN # AND SS #. . Scam contents: WELLS FARGO:A Transaction of $1178.89 at WALMART#928 in LOS ANGELESCA ON DEBIT4****REFERNCE-(C31
+61412312345 The mom scam 03/16/2023... It's an sms message that's sent randomly, I call it the mom scam, like why wouldn't a kind and sweet mother send the money, it can be her son with no access to a cellphone, how would she know. Don't fall for this, you should close the text message and call t +27844017970 03/16/2023... No you did not, the number that sent this text is from south africa which is a high risk zone for phone phishing attempts. the email he provided is a gmail email address, which is another redflag. And finally, what are the odds that you'll be a multi milliona