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Scam contentsFake company and fake jobs. (No sane company would have a url name like this - it should be illegal its so ugly)

Fake jobs can take on different ways for victims to be scammed - there are two of the most common:

1) Fake check scam. Pretending to employ you, they state you need to set up your mini office by depositing a (fake) check they provide you. Once you do, they then say you need to send money to their "trusted vendors" for the fake work equipment.

Banks can take days or weeks to catch a fake check - by this time, victims have usually already sent money. Their accounts get frozen, victim needs to pay the bank whatever was spent/sent. They also risk getting their account frozen and or even closed.

2) Being a money mule. This can happen with the scammer claiming you're do to payroll or to send out fake checks to other fake clients etc. You might be asked to buy bitcoins for them or obtain, move or spend stolen money from the scammers. Obviously, this is illegal and can get you in big trouble.
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