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Diora or Jason

PseudonymDiora or Jason
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Scam contentsFake job fake site - a task scam.

They pretend to be recruiters that are offering jobs for a real company, CloudFabrix. CloudFabrix is real but they are not offering this kind of job.

The "workbench" was only made on April 16th 2024.

Registrar: Gname .com Pte. Ltd.

Registered On: 2024-04-16
Comment / Review"Pay to play" type scheme. You click and finish simple tasks 40/40, sets or whatever to "optimize items to become more visible on their workbench".

You may even get a little back. All part of their scheme to get you to believe it's real. Eventually you'll be hit with a task or set you can not complete and account will go negative.

Dont worry - you can just PAY THEM to continue! Sounds ridiculous but the sunk cost fallacy has victims who end up paying. Then they'll get another excuse to pay more money! Yay!

Scammers can go to hell.

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