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Scam contentsThis is a task scam. Fake job.

If you get offered this fake job, talk talking to them and ghost. Do NOT send any money. If you do, you're just sending money to the scammer themselves and their fake site.

If you're in the scam just get out. Count your losses. At the least know that any commissions or profits on the site are fake. So you only lost what you've sent to the scammer.
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Registrar: Cosmotown, Inc.
Registered On: 2024-02-24 <-- Made on Feb 24th 2024
Expires On: 2025-02-24
Updated On: 2024-03-01

From Reddit:
you basically leave reviews for traveling sites and you need account balance. And at some point you get "lucky" and get 5% possible income on order. Apparently you recharge with crypto and then you complete and withdraw what you earned including recharge. The thing is on the first day I had to recharge only 15$ and after completing I actually received 150$. But now I need to pay this much.

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