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Scam contentswe have been targeted by fake ads running rampant on facebook and instagram. They use shell pages to run ads with our videos or videos of our fans and portray themselves to be selling our merchandise at $3.99 or $4.99 or $9, etc. The URL isn't similar to ours, and sometimes they mask their site to look like our website, Sometimes it is only on mobile and sometimes it is on desktop. We report the ads every day multiple times, and they just use another page with the same ad information and images.
Comment / ReviewHere is a whole list of the urls used on the ads that have used our content without permission and impersonated us:

Also, a list of facebook / instagram pages that use these urls: bootbarn-boots facebook
ferrible-US facebook
Hα»“ Ca facebook
DayOfffff facebook
Factorysaleus and SHEI facebook
CavityColors-SHOP facebook
C-Colors facebook
Cavity COLORS-us facebook
Cavity-C facebook
CAVITY-Colors facebook
HorrorColors facebook
Popunay-EU facebook
C-COLORS-Sale facebook
Rynnarn-US facebook
Cavitycolors-mx facebook
Cavitycolors-br facebook
Traci Fernandez facebook
Suandeuk facebook
Flash Sale Store facebook
Johnson Melinda facebook
Cavty Color facebook
CC-Colors facebook
C-COLORs facebook
Barrera William facebook
Marshall Store F. facebook
Saleseekerr facebook
Banlent-UK facebook
timacidrrr instagram
colorsaaron4305 instagram
Trfetnreu facebook
Callouting-Clearance Sale facebook
Longlyshop Tees facebook
Design By Humans shop facebook
Ginnyai-UK facebook
Bekdtai facebook
Terrorthreads-US facebook
Implode facebook
Tranore_SHOP instagram
π” π”²π”žπ”‘π”―π”žπ”©π”¦π”£π”’π”°π”±π”Άπ”©π”’ facebook
Nountra-shop facebook
Man's Choice facebook
Djdvmc facebook

  • the url copying our website from a facebook ad
  • one of the many many silly ad images they use
  • here is one of the instagram ads they used our video and put text over
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