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PseudonymShein Daniella
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Telephone+31 6 13004479 (ou 0031613004479) (Info / Risk score)
Scam contentsInvested R400 they told me i will get 40% and above commission but when i want to withdraw they said i cannot.
Comment / ReviewThey told me i must deposit R1420 to withdraw but i cannot withdraw when i want to.

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      • Report #743413 02/23/2024 at 03:54 AM

        You have a shop with a username and a pin,then they ask you too send n R100 too your store and start too purchase items and you get 40%commission for every item your purchase.but after that they ask me too purchase a R300 for a data entry something and then you have 3 mission too complete and every mission has 3 purchase that you have too make.

        Than i want too cancel it they tell me but i have too complete the missions too get my money first n R800 after that R3900 and now i must Pay n R9000...
        Is a scam and its fake.

        Pleas be alert

        Pseudonym : Purchase items (Shein buyerblissed)
        Telephone : +447823468609

      • Report #743508 02/23/2024 at 08:41 AM

        Welcome to the SHEIN earnings platform, I'm Jenny Ny from customer service. Your daily income is between 800 TO 3000 R.
        Please enter your information to check your eligibility.
        1. What is your name?
        2. How old are you now?

        Welcome to the SHEIN earning platform, I'm Annika Grace from customer service. Your daily income is between 800 TO 3000 R.
        Please enter your information:
        1. What is your name?
        2. How old are you now?
        3. Your phone number?
        They ask you to "recharge" with a R100 first. You purchase items that they set out for you. It first you think of they legitimate its a legitimate way to make money. They transfer the R100 back into your account with the 40% commission. Then they ask you for R300 thereafter R800. At that point I had stopped because it doesn't allow you to withdraw the money after you spent or made. They will ask you to keep transferring money, you will keep buying, you will see the commissions paid to you. BUT YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO WITHDRAW THE MONEY. BIG SCAM!!!

        Pseudonym :
        Telephone : +27649544969

      • Abii 04/12/2024 at 05:29 AM

        Don't send them a dime, cut contact and report to the authorities because it's all just a scam designed to make you send them more money each time. There's no commission, no profit, just pure losses.

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