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Scam contentsThe scam consists of a person who contacts you via social sites and starts an online friendship. Then the person convinces you to invest ever-increasing sums in cryptocurrencies on a scam platform that generates very high profits, until eventually all the money is no longer recoverable
Comment / ReviewIn October 2023 I met a girl originally from Singapore who lives in Paris on Instagram. We started an online friendship and over time she told me how she invested in cryptocurrencies on a platform that generated large profits, whose name is I also signed up and under her guidance I made the first two payments of 500 euros each. The process consisted of making euro transfers to platforms such as OKX, Nexo, Kraken and then converting them to USDT. Then the USDT cryptocurrency was transferred with TRN or ETH transactions to my account created on the platform where very high and increasing profits were generated depending on the amount. Invited by the girl to deposit ever-increasing amounts, and since I saw the profits growing more and more, in total I made 7 payments for a total of 19,500 euros and 1 withdrawal of 1,000 euros, carried out successfully. The account with the profits then reached a figure of over 82,000 USDT but at that point the withdrawals were blocked, with the request to make further payments for phantom taxes to be paid on the profits. However, I did not make any further payments and the account remained blocked with the aforementioned amount and a final loss on my part of 18,500 euros. The transactions are all tracked and at the moment the site has become unreachable.

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