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PseudonymDarina or Billy
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Scam contentsبيع منتجات وهمية وارباح وهمية
يتم التعرف عليك من خلال التواصل الاجتماعي وتطبيقات التعارف وتعرفك علي نفسها وهيا تعمل في مجال التجارة الإلكترونية ولها اختها تتاجر معها وهيا تعمل منذ سنه مع العلم دومين الموقع من شهر ١١ عام ٢٣ لا يتعدى ٦ اشهر . وبعدها تطلب منك تعلمك وانها تريد زوج صالح وانها بنت طيبة وترسلك انها اشترت لك هدية وتاخذ رائيك في المعاملات التجارية وكانها ساحرة تتعامل مع شياطين وتسحبك سحب وما تفوق الا وانت دافع مبلغ كبير، والموقع عبارة عن صفقات بتم وتدهل ب ١٠٠ دولار بعد ذلك تدفع مبلغ ويجى صفقة وتسحب عادى لين تصل مبلغ فوق ١٠ الف دولار ما تقدر تسحب دولار الا لما تنفذ صفقة ب ٧٠ الف دولار وتلاقي نفسك مديون وكانها ساحرة
She gets to know you through social media and dating apps, and she introduces herself to you. She works in the field of e-commerce, and she has a sister who trades with her, and she has been working for a year, bearing in mind that the site’s domain has been around since the month of 11 in the year 23, not exceeding 6 months. Then she asks you to teach you that she wants a good husband and that she is a good girl, and she sends you that she bought you a gift and takes your opinion in business transactions, as if she were a witch dealing with demons, and she pulls you a draw, and you do not succeed unless you pay a large sum, and the site consists of deals that are completed and you receive $100 after that you pay an amount and it comes. A normal deal and withdrawal until the amount reaches more than 10 thousand dollars. You cannot withdraw a dollar unless you execute a deal for 70 thousand dollars and find yourself in debt as if it were a witch.
Comment / Reviewنصب نصب نصب وسرقة الاموال والرصيد

Scamming and stealing money and balance

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      • Mohamed 03/23/2024 at 10:13 AM

        This application is fake , everything is fake and their customer care number is fake and email is fake . I was scammed

      • Report #757537 04/17/2024 at 03:04 PM

        2 girls are using CBZB from apple store. They scams many ppl with much money.we asked for information annd to close the app

        Url / Website :
        Pseudonym : CBZB
        Telephone : +97433387744

        Cbzb scam
        Cbzb scamer
        Cbzb scam

      • Anwar 04/17/2024 at 05:19 PM

        CBZB app had 2 girls for scam

      • Anwar 04/17/2024 at 05:25 PM

        Dear sir/ madam

        Regarding my story,

        I met girl online , her name Candice,

        Then she told me that she work on online store Trading

        Then she learn me how to make account and start trading on CBZB shop

        After that starting asking me money to charge my wallet in USTD , because this online trading ,

        Then i found my self stuck, because they made freeze to my account until make payment to proceed some online order , ( she said its the rule of this store, after release your money then you will make profit)
        Then , o asked my family in jordan to transfer me some money and i have some saving money from my work ,

        Total 120000$(120k)
        Then when i sent them

        She made me block on mobile, and make make block on my account trading,

        I lost everything

        They are scammer

        Ill send you more screenshots of my store , and more information

        Please of you need more details

        Let me knw

        Thank you

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