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Scam contentsThis is a task scam and no affiliation with any recruiter or company they claim to be a part of.

At the time of writing (Mar 7th '24) it is not even a week old site. Here is the whois information:

Registrar:, Inc. <- this is the url name or domain provider
Registered On: 2024-03-01 <- the creation date
Expires On: 2025-03-01
Updated On: 2024-03-01
Comment / ReviewA stranger (often a fake recruiter) will adversities and offer part/full time remote work and claim it's easy, click to "optimize" products or review/book hotel listings.

Often they are using a script so the responses will be lengthy trying to sound legit. They may even throw in real company names or pretend to be said company (amazon, marketing firms, brand names etc)

Signs of a task scam are but no limited to:
- Daily high wages (it ends up being in crypto)
- Offering full/part time remote easy work
- No experience, just a computer/laptop and good internet
- Age or citizen restriction

Often you'll be taken to whatsapp or telegram to talk further or for your "training.". You might even be put into a group chat with other "employees" to make it seem legit - they're all just fake accounts however.

The have you sign up on a website or app and make an account. You'll usually get options to do a set number of tasks (40/40 orders, journeys etc) and also can "upgrade" the level to different tiers with the promise that it'll give you more commissions and better tasks.

That daily salary is non-existent - they'll say you need to get a wallet/crypto. Sometimes you might get paid a little to your crypto wallet. This is just an incentive to make it seem like the site is lelgimate and to get you to invest more into the site.

You'll do these tasks, but eventually a "bonus" task will appear with the promise of big payout - but this is a trap and your account will not be able to continue without paying to finish.

If you go to their support or your manager they'll say you need to pay to finish. There's no other way. They say it's your own fault and they can't do anything about it.

One user that lost their money to this scam - got a Recovery scammer contact her, saying if she paid a upfront fee they could get her money back. They can't help. They are scammers that continued to to scam her. Recovery scammers never have your best interest in mind.

DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM. There have been many many people falling victim to this fake task job scam - here are a few articles for more info:

Behind the global scam worth an estimated €100m targeting WhatsApp users with fake job offers

Fake Job Scam: App Reviewer

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Don't click on that "Premium services" above the comments and below this report either. It's VERY unlikely they will be able to get your funds back.

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