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Scam contentsThis is a fake job known as the task scam.
Comment / ReviewThey'll post on ad sites or FB, maybe even cold call you asking if you want to do part/full time work. They say all you need is internet/computer, work only a few hours a day, earn high wages daily - often restrict people unless they're a certain age and or citizen of X country.

For this task scam, they ask you to "submit travel packages on a platform offered by the merchant to increase its visibility and popularity". In realty it's a fake site the scammer has made to make it seem like a workbench and have you do 40/40 tasks ("packages") with leveling up and commissions. The gains are all fake.

The app or site will then prompt you to "level up" to make more money; and it may even pay out a little to gain your trust. Another way to make it more believable is putting you in a group chat with other (fake) employees.

Sometimes a bonus or special task gets put in that claims you can earn more. Eventually you won't be able to finish your assigned tasks until you put in more and more money to the scammer's pockets. You have lost what you put in.

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Watch out for recovery scammers in the comments!! They will claim they also lost money to this but knows someone that can "help" you and leaves their number/link - don't fall victim to another scam. They can NOT help you.

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