Job Scam Theresa Brown

PseudonymTheresa Brown
Scam contentsDear Applicant,

We reviewed the resume you posted online and believe that you have the required experience to work for our company. We are offering you the opportunity to work as a Data Entry employee. You have been shortlisted for an online interview with the HR team. The pay rate for this position is $30 per hour, and you will earn $25 per hour during the two-week training period.

This is an immediate hire, and the interview will be conducted online via Microsoft Teams. To proceed with the interview, please set up a Microsoft Teams account. Once you set up the Microsoft Teams account and are ready for the interview, please use the following Microsoft Teams ID to invite the interview manager, Mrs. Rachael Charbonneau ( Teams ID: ). You can also invite her by clicking on the following Microsoft Teams link:

Your timely response is important as we look forward to having you on our team. Good luck with the interview!

Best regards,
Theresa Brown
Doxim Inc. HR Team
Comment / ReviewThey are trying to get you to cash a check that will eventually bounce after they received money from you

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