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Scam contentsOrdered 2 pair of Saucony shoes for $61 and a month later received a cheap tin “earrings” marked “ornament” from China!
Comment / ReviewAfter emailing Steven Briesing, his email mailbox was “full” and blocked not relieving emails.
I was totally scammed by this jerk and hoping authorities shut him down and he is held accountable and restitution!
Received cheap tin “ornament” from China instead of the 2 pair of tennis shoes ordered.

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    • Report #731984 01/18/2024 at 09:04 AM

      Winter clothes, equipments for ski waxing etc
      I ordered two items with value of 103USD. After two weeks i get worthless and useless plastic sunglasses.

      Url / Website :

    • Report #732283 01/19/2024 at 06:25 AM

      Thought I was buying paint from a site in Germany... order was in Euros and paid in Euros to be delivered to France. Payment screen showed payment had failed but then I received a confirmation email, with a return address of a hotmail account, to say I had been charged in USD from a hotmail account. Payment has been debited from my bank. Shipping now from CHINA!! I bet I don't receive the paint! Furious.

      Url / Website :

    • Report #733400 01/23/2024 at 04:13 AM

      Taken multiple amounts from paypal account
      Dont use this website. Its a scam!

      Url / Website :
      Pseudonym :

    • Report #735163 01/27/2024 at 01:43 PM

      I ordered 6 plant care automatics watering devices and get sent 1 pair of fake ray bans.
      Looks like a legit website but when I went to pay my bank thought it was a scam transaction
      From ANZ: We've temporarily blocked your card ending 9496 due to a transaction for USD 55.81 at Was this you? Please reply Yes or No.
      I did block the card straight after the purchase.

      Url / Website :
      Pseudonym : No name given

      • burbandancer 02/06/2024 at 12:08 PM is a fraud. I tried to purchase clothes from him. Never received and had to get a refund from my bank.

      • Frank 02/06/2024 at 07:30 PM

        Same here. I bought something from, which maps back to some random house in CA. I got a reply email from a different domain and his email enclosed. They also overcharged my debit card.

      • Bianca 03/05/2024 at 09:23 AM

        Wow - wool was pulled over my eyes!

        Went to the website: -- made an order for some "Hey Dude" shoes. it looked legit. Made a payment, never received the item yet.

        Order confirmation pointed back to "Support" @
        If I had any further questions or comments about my order, send notice to:
        Only now.... am I discovering, that this entire situation is a fraud.
        Website: = is a SCAM!

        Do NOT order anything here.

        Going my route to start reporting

      • Abii 03/05/2024 at 10:27 AM

        Sorry you were scammed by them Bianca,
        you could try to get a refund through your bank or credit card company in some cases like this:

    • Report #740952 02/14/2024 at 08:54 PM

      Fraudulent website
      When placing an order, it does not take your email address and sends a very rudimentary confirmation page. After contacting the site, it refers me to for contact. It appears there have been other scams associated with the email address and the pending charge, AQR*litllemall.

      Url / Website :

    • Report #743645 02/23/2024 at 06:02 PM

      looks like a canadian bike shop, but it's a fraudulent website, which gets obvious once you get an email from (with the adress for replies).
      (i should have known that if i can't find any information about a "store", then it's likely a scam)

      Url / Website :

    • Report #743961 02/25/2024 at 08:48 AM

      This was a fraudulent website for Sram/Zipp bicycle products that was taken down by Zipp after I contacted them with the information. Tried to cancel order in the time frame as outlined on the website and seller agreed but then sent me a shipping notice with a fake tracking number.
      I was able to get the website taken down by contacting the real company. I am trying to get the email taken down by hotmail, But so far it is still working. If you purchased an Item and receive an email invoice with this hotmail account as the contact it is a scam.

      Url / Website :

    • lklang13 03/04/2024 at 02:42 PM

      I was also totally scammed by this acct an individual. Ordered a ring got a cheap silver necklace. Where else can we report this individual and/or recoup our money!?

    • Report #746777 03/05/2024 at 03:41 PM

      I ordered a microwave oven door from website for $51.90. I soon after received tracking information from Honk Kong in a suspicious email from He actually shipped a cheap ring that I received 3 weeks later.
      It shows up on my credit card as AQR*litllemall Mong Kok HK#2429437DJ1LSHGYS4 for $56.99.
      I have reported this to my credit card...I am hoping they will refund it.

      Url / Website :

    • Esther Derksen 03/06/2024 at 04:05 PM

      I ordered a chair and received cheap ear rings.

    • Scam 03/10/2024 at 02:58 PM

      I ordered a RC case and received a cheap pair of earrings also

    • Bk 03/10/2024 at 07:20 PM

      Same story as above. Ordered fishing equipment an received a cheap necklace

    • Sabine 03/11/2024 at 09:01 AM

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      Click here to view it anyway...

    • Dominique 03/13/2024 at 04:20 AM

      Yup, same story here. Ordered a plastic model kit for 99 USD and got a small cheap necklace.

      • Abii 03/13/2024 at 06:34 AM

        Have you reached out to your bank or cc company and disputed the purchase? You might be able to get a refund.

    • NR 03/13/2024 at 09:51 AM

      Same for me, ordered a vest, received a cheap necklace from china.

    • Report #749326 03/14/2024 at 06:58 PM

      Ordered some skincare items, received a pair of cheap earrings instead. No response to multiple emails. Do NOT buy anything from thy is website or this seller!!

      Url / Website :

    • Dy 03/16/2024 at 09:39 PM

      Same for me, ordered vest, received a cheap earrings from china

    • DN 03/17/2024 at 12:17 PM

      Me too, ordered books and guess what... received the plastic ring from China.

      • Abii 03/18/2024 at 02:42 AM

        Hi DN,
        Since the item you received is completely different from what you ordered, you can try to get a refund from your bank or cc company.

    • r 03/18/2024 at 04:23 PM

      Same. Ordered Durango boots, received a cheap necklace from China. He used the website

    • dundd 03/19/2024 at 04:49 AM

      Me too, ordered 2 pants for 120 € and received a cheap pear of earrings

    • Kay 04/07/2024 at 09:49 AM

      Ordered a pair of Vionic shoes and got a ring from China. I don't think the bank will do anything on my cc due to it being an international shipment.

    • Report #760002 04/27/2024 at 05:22 AM

      I ordered a KOM mount for a Garmin rear light. It took 6 weeks till I instead got a wrong article I never ordered. Till then endless emails explaining what happened. No sufficient answers at all, they ask several times what I ordered and what I got instead.

      Just to warn everybody: do not order anything at an online shop related with this email !

      Pseudonym : ONLINE SHOP Support Center

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