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Comment / ReviewI stupidly decided to buy a lighter based on the advertising. It claims its fuel free usb rechargable tesla technology. It was 35 bucks and i added the 5$ for a 3 year warranty. 8 more dollars was added for shipping. Somehow that totals almost $54...smh. after confirming cc info and purchase a popup offering a $10 vip membership with a free mystery gift and a $75 gift card. I absolutely chose no thank you. Yet my bank alerted another transaction of the 10 bucks so i started investigating the website and learned that all the attributes of the lighter highlighted multiple times in their advertising is a complete lie. Its an everyday butane lighter with a usb connection that has absolutely no purpose. It doesnt even have anything inside connected to the port. Advertisers like this that commit pure fraud and infest our social media ads will never stop unless we stop the. Start with me. Email me any company thats sold you a fraudulant product through false advertising and together we can stop this criminal scam. Email at

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      • Abii 03/01/2024 at 07:06 AM

        Have you disputed the purchase with your cc company? They might refund you:

      • Jimmy 03/16/2024 at 10:21 AM

        SOB's got me for 4 of them...I was gonna use them as gifts to friends ❗️🤬

      • Den 03/20/2024 at 02:12 PM

        I order one too . They didn't say a word about butane. Thought it was all electric some how. Don't like that these dishonest people got my credit card number.

        • Abii 03/21/2024 at 07:35 AM

          You could submit an identity theft report to IC3 or cancel the card and get a new one.

      • Rickeyruff1 03/23/2024 at 04:21 PM

        Well I guess I have to jump on the Bandwagon, They got me for 119.99 I purchased five of them. You are correct they are just a large butane lighter with no usb.

        What can I do?

      • Bruce 03/30/2024 at 10:12 PM

        I ordered 2 on the 19 March 2024 and I received 2 torches today (30 Mar 2024), but they require butane not electric as advertised when I made the purchase. The 4-page owner manual is mostly in Chinese. I've been scammed. I sent an e-mail to I will call M-F PST, 888-863-4529. describes a butane lighter. I will be calling the Department of Consumer Protection and the BBB. This is classic bait and switch!

      • Hairy NowBaldArm 04/07/2024 at 10:48 PM

        the add came on YouTube = A rechargeable torch that gets 3000 lights on 1 charge. a special military plasma laser that can burn right through an aluminum can. with no fuel no butane. Blah Blah Blah

        get this special ..... it cost me almost $60 and it came as a butane torch like any other butane torch. it lasted 1 day and about burned my self and the house down. flame shot out over 3 feet, burned my hand and i dropped it the flame continued and would not stop. i grabbed a wet towel that was close by and had to smother it. im sure it was about to edxplode but it was a quick reflex and i couldnt afford my house burning down. Total Scam dont buy this killer

      • W Parker 04/14/2024 at 03:59 PM

        I was scammed by Toptorches, Iguess no refund in site?

      • TheRyanRanch 04/14/2024 at 07:56 PM

        Add me to the list of Dumbshits, ordered 3, something has to be done to these assholes

      • Gary 04/21/2024 at 11:27 PM

        Add this sucker as well, picked up two myself.

      • Rod 05/15/2024 at 07:11 PM

        I purchased on the 16 May 2024 for $39 and they added $9 postage so $50 to New Zealand. Two worries is they have my card number in identity theift. And second they may not even send it. (Yea all the same complaints about it not be sold as butaun lighter). I have learned from this sight that I can cancel my card and get a new number for $5 here in nz and stop the insecurity of their lies turning into unauthorized transactions. YouTube should not let these ads on their service. Shame on Google for identity theift on-ramps and not indemnifying viewers.

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