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Scam contentsIn celebration of PGIM's strategic partnership agreement with WTO on AI, we are now launching the AI Smart Contract ETF. We invite new investors to directly receive $100 USDT when they invest in the AI Smart Contract ETF, and also receive high commission rebates, with a potential fixed investment return of up to 1000%. Details are available by contacting PGIM or WTO customer support.
Comment / ReviewThis website is pretending to be a crypto exchange related to (World Trade Organization). However, I could not find any legal company information on the site itself nor could I find a physical address.
The moment you do access the site you'll get a pop-up saying that you're eligible to receive 100$ USDT just by investing in their AI Smart Contract ETF which is way too good to be true.

Lots of abbreviations without any exposition or explanation whatsoever.
This is likely a scam.
Stay away.

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      • Crypto 12/22/2023 at 11:16 AM

        I believe i have been scammed from this exact platform, reported to Sec and to Google play as they are on the app store. Was following signals from the PGIM team. One related trade went south to -400% and cleared my funds sent via coinbase to the platform. I had traded from 6k to 12k fine but never got a chance to request a withdrawal from this platform. The ETF's offered seems to good to be true. The group is still ongoing and i believe the people involved in it even though stills sending future trading signals to be fraudulent.

      • daytrader123 12/30/2023 at 04:08 PM

        hi can you say which group you were. were you trading signals of this professor scott and Margery? im following this grp and can see people making large amounts of profit and many have made withdrawals..has anyone had any experience of this group and traded successfully and withdrawn too? they now send 2 signals one is free and the other they charge 20% fee as they are people with higher trading accounts ie 50k plus.
        yes too good to be true!!

        • alice234 01/05/2024 at 10:56 AM

          it is too good to be to be true. You do make the money if you follow the signals but as soon as you start to make anything they will wipe out your whole account in one full swoop. And they will keep pressurizing you to put more money in. They are spineless thiefs. STAY AWAY

      • Crypto! 01/04/2024 at 08:48 AM

        Hello yes the same group, I am seeing people make large sums and have seen some start with small sums and now have large sums. Was told the error for losing funds was my own fault as i didn't add to position however i had less then one minute to do this when being notified in the group. I hadn't had the chance to withdraw any funds so can't say if that process would be legitimate or not. Like edwards 23 says i believe those saying that this is good and there life has changed are all part of the same crime group. However their insight and market knowledge pre market is good and also made a stock suggestion last year that coinbase would run to over 110-120 which it did. Edwards23 your link is a whatapp chat how can we be sure this isn't also an extra scam

      • alice234 01/05/2024 at 11:03 AM

        THIS SITE IS A SCAM so please be aware. They come across really professional and that they are part of PGIM which is a huge global corporation but when you call PGIM they have not heard of the group Nasdaq Alliance group/Affiliates and they are not real. So please keep your money as you will make money at first and then it will be taken away so quick you will reel. They lie to you and make you keep investing. STAY AWAY please

      • Rita 01/05/2024 at 04:23 PM

        This is a scam. Scott Douglass and Margery Cunningham are NOT PGIM employees and have no connection to PGIM. Please report their WhatsApp accounts to WhatsApp as a scam.

      • Sunnyd 01/15/2024 at 07:25 PM

        I got scammed by these people and this site. They keep telling you to increase your deposits so you can make more money. The problem comes when you want to withdraw any of your money. Your account gets locked. I asked to leave the group and withdraw my money. I was getting the feeling something wasn't right. I was told in order to get my money I would have to pay a "commission" first. They won't let you pay the commission out of your account with them that you deposited money into or supposedly made money in the trades. You have to pay out of another account - in other words, send them more to take from you. I'm sure if I sent the ransom money in I would never see any of it again.

      • AA2024 02/02/2024 at 01:28 PM

        I have been a victim of this scam too. This time same story but signal sender is Andrew Professor and Assistant name is Joanna. Luckily I lost only 1000usdt as I tricked them to return my 500usdt because I want to increase funds and want to wait for withdrawal to be approved.

        i'm playing very dumb and naive and praising them for what they do and keep puttin g in withdrawal request.

        i think they now know me that I caught them. They are not releasing any more withdrawals from WTO exchange however I'm still in the group and pissing them off and enjoying with theives

      • sand7247 02/07/2024 at 11:34 AM

        Hello - I also joined the Wealth Nasdaq Wealth group on WhatsApp a few months ago. I was following the trading signals for a while. Decided to invest in the AI ETF, stopped following the signals. I was able to withdraw from wtocoin. It was just a small amount, to see if I could withdraw. I received the funds to my wallet within 2 hours.

        For the last 4 days, I have been trying to withdraw a larger amount, however, the status remains as UNDER REVIEW. Not sure what that means. I have emailed wtocoin support email ID several times, with no response at all.

        I guess a few people in here are in the same position as me.

        Has anyone managed to get of wtocoin support and/or withdraw any of the funds?

      • alice234 02/07/2024 at 12:17 PM

        You will not get an answer from support but talk to margery or whoever was coaxing you to put money by saying you want to put 10k but want to see if you can withdraw first. See of that works but i doubt you will get it unless you trick them

      • frazier 02/16/2024 at 08:05 PM

        Why has no one identified Margery and Scott and tracked them down. We need to hound these people day and night until they release our funds. Any telephone numbers, email, home address will be valuable. to start is one. Lets be realistic, this is some sort of grand theft.

      • יניב 02/17/2024 at 05:19 PM

        היי גם לי יש כסף בחשבון הזה וביקשתי משיכה והפרופוסור מבקש 20 % עמלה קודם אני רוצה להבין איך הוא יכול למנוע מימני למשוך את הכסף שלי מה הסיםור פה מידהו יכול לעזור לי להבין

      • frankly 03/03/2024 at 09:02 PM

        What I don't understand is
        What I don't understand is

        why google play store vetted WTOcoin as a valid crypto exchange?

        Why PGIM (old prudential) did not warn via the internet about what they knew was a scam. these people were giving out fake PGIM credentials and contracts. When i emailed them about these two and their business practices, that is when i was informed. Don't they have a duty to warn?

      • alice234 03/04/2024 at 08:47 AM

        Happy to Help Frazier please advise how we can do.this

      • frankly 04/26/2024 at 08:07 PM

        It looks like the scammers margery cunningham and scott douglass are up to it again. There is a new whatsapp group that looks just like the wtocoin scam. And it claims to from Morgan Stanley, not PGIM/Prudential this time. It is called MS-Experience Group 2. It seems xuscoin, wtocoin and pnwcoin all follow the same pattern. After these people trade for a while they will deny any withdrawals, close the group and apps, and then start again with new names. Every action involves tricking people to send in more money. Horrifying, especially for the elderly. These are worst kind of fraudsters, praying on the weak and innocent.

      • alice234 04/29/2024 at 05:16 AM

        Do not put any more money in

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