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Scam contentsI found an ad on the internet Facebook exactly and also on TikTok, to earn money, we don't ask you to invest, you just have to click 60 times on a button called grap, to then click on another button called automatic machting and then you earn a few dollars in the form of crypto, you can get them from this platform through a code, then you have to create an account with OKX to be able to convert this encrypted currency, and then into have to store this currency on this OKX platform, we must have a compliant bank account, and we really earn 15 or 20 dollars the first time, then we repeat the same thing tomorrow, the sponsor recharges the application in dollars to be able to play again and then give you some dollars, so that you can play in your turn, the scam starts at this moment, we click on the automatic machting button the first time, the second. The third until the 15th, you see yourself as a winner, but to be able to click again and therefore win more he charges dollars, a few dollars and so on, you arrive at the 59th clicks, we block you, we ask you to pay a large amount to be able to withdraw your money, if you pay there you will really fall into a vicious circle, you will each time be asked to pay in order to be able to get your money back, for several pretexts, either late payment, either an unpaid tax or a late delivery, or a banking problem, or a dissatisfied merchant, or... We will never reimburse you, you will pay a very large sum again and again and again and again....
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Company address: 1 Wall St, New York, NY 10005
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