Job Scam

Scam claims to be a platform for people who want to work from home. They sign up and then they are supposed to make fake reviews for Harrods products to boost the products reviews and sales. The user gets commission for doing this. However, it appears to be a scam. The user apparently has to wait until the commission is over £100 to claim it and the account can go negative and they ask the user to pay in funds which will be re-imbursed. It's hard to explain but the company claims to pay commission but they want you to pay them in funds first. I was directed to this company through a website called who asked for a phone number and then contacted me through WhatsApp. I was then contacted by an agent from who showed me how to register as one of their agents.
Comment / ReviewThis is a scam to try and get would be home workers to pay their own funds into a crypto account.

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