Job Scam
Straight North / CareerBuilder scam

PseudonymStraight North / CareerBuilder scam
Scam contentsHello. CareerBuilder is recommending a part-time job for €20-300 a day! My name is Lena Sullivan, and I'm a job promoter for Straight North. You only need to work 30-60 minutes a day for €800 for 5 days, €3,000 for 15 days and €6,000 for 30 days. The hours are up to you. If you are interested, answer "Yes" or "interested"
Comment / ReviewPeople have been receiving robo calls and texts from scammers that pretending to be CareerBuilder/ Straight North.

The offer is very enticing but it's way too good to be true and lacks a propper description of the job itself.
This is a scam.
Be careful.

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