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Scam contentsFrozen my found after first task , asking for unacceptabel deposit from a begginer
Comment / ReviewSCAM!!! STAY FAR AWAY. They write you can make money online. Scamming money out of people.
I had to create an account in and give stars to some products. Then I will earn up to NOK 6,000 per week. I asked him (my supervising supervisor) if I should use my credit card at some point? No, no, he said. But only after 1 days work. Then suddenly the stock went negative and I had to put 377 usdt and right after in task 35 negative balance of -1366 usdt in vip1 level, I asked support if I get more overreskeles? He said no...but then came the surprise in task 38,,, negative balance of -5109 usdt, I got a shock. Asked what is going on here? He wrote back , Dear Agent, if you fail to complete the package task, your money will be frozen in your account until you are able to complete it.

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      • Report #711385 11/18/2023 at 08:40 AM

        Frozing my account found
        ------------------- Be a ware fashion scam .
        they are a scammers and there's Mentor is promising you so much that you think you are going to get fortune but after few tasks they are going to slowly bankrup you and asking you for biger and biger negetive balance deposit until you can not manage any more to deposit . so they frozing your account and take your found . i am a victem of theres scam . please be aware , do not trust theres promisses . Becouse when i asked fror explanation they call me stupid . they are absolut new fashion scammers . i hope government around the word get eyes on such modern scam . What world we living in ??

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        Telephone : +4552513159

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