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Yes, it’s that simple. As a member of WomenRoundTheCorner you will have all the tools you need. An easy-to-use interface, pages and pages and even more pages with photos of possible matches, and all the search options you need to find what you’re looking for… fast.
Comment / ReviewThe folks behind this website make no secret of the fact that the chat features virtual entertainers, and they're upfront about it. But here's the thing – most people don't bother reading the fine print.

Now, here's where it gets even more confusing. Some might think there could be a mix of fake and real profiles on the platform, as the Terms and Conditions suggest. The real issue is that telling the fake ones from the potentially genuine ones is like finding a needle in a haystack. The operator claims they're easy to spot with a heart icon, but that icon blends so seamlessly into the design that it's hardly noticeable unless you're on high alert. This website is clearly set up to deceive users.

"Profiles marked with a heart icon: © are fictional entertainers’ profiles rather than members profiles, physical contact with these profiles is not possible." This was taken from their terms of service.

This is a chat entertainment service and Not a dating website.

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