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Scam contentsThey use a web site to catch people looking for a online job, then they ask for a number to contact to be interviewed for that job online, where they explain that we need 2h/day, a phone and Internet to work. .... While we asking for the position e are invited to subscribe an account in and use a reference number to earn a commission for the startup job account and win a extra 10$....than they explain the process.... we need to access the account and accept jobs in the platform.... is to give a score or a review in products. ...we only have 7 days to reach all the 38 jobs .... while, we are invited to use his account to training and accept his jobs to win a 25% in commissions during that fase. But the trick....we run out off money on his own account, since we re requested to inform him about the conclusion, but , we effectively communicate that he runs out of money to complete the jobs requested....informed by WhatsApp about the issue.
Then he make a transfer and start telling.... that is a nice situation because he is ready to win more commission on jobs because he get a better deal in the platform.... blablabla. While I use his account he's explain whole process and "show transfers proof" , request us to open a crypto account , blablabla.... and advice us to make all the target jobs in his account after simulationt the transfer to his account on to complete the jobs account where we get the salary.later on when we back to our account we have reached out 75$ and we can star now accept job in our account..... but we run out of money and we have to pay to complete the job with a promise of reach more commissions....
Comment / ReviewI tried to be engaged with to understand the specific requirements for SCAM. IF NEED EXPLAIN, I HAVE MORE PICTURES FROM CONVERSATIONS AND CELL PHONE NUMBERS FROM SCAMMERS

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      • Report #720120 12/12/2023 at 06:14 PM

        This website is poorly designed and doesn't contain elements in the metadata that could help its online presence. As a result, it loses credibility and shows that its quality is questionable momentarily.
        I joined a job where I would have to complete 38 daily tasks and which would give me a huge commission. Supervised by an element (Nancy Prosouce). On the first and second day everything went very well, I completed the tasks and accumulated commission, but I didn't receive it. On the third day, the task was incomplete due to insufficient USDT balance. To replenish my balance, I should invest 85 euros to buy USDT. I will completed the task and accumulated 475 USDT in commission. I wanted to get up but the lady said I had to complete a new package of tasks. Then she asks that I buy more money and I understood that was fake.

        Pseudonym : Nancy Prosouce
        Telephone : +351923249631

      • Corali Carvalho 12/30/2023 at 10:18 AM

        I almost was caught... Thank you for your advice!
        Why Instagram let them publish this king of AD?

      • Report #732184 01/18/2024 at 09:53 PM

        No caso enviam me um código , dizem para me cadastrar e enviar o meu código para que possam participar da minha conta , prometem 150 a 200€ dia !! Teria de gerar vendas !
        No caso não enviei o convite para que pudesse entrar na minha conta ! Mas cadastrei me e agora não consigo sair do site , não consigo rescindir esta plataforma e continuo cadastrada !! Até agora não perdi nada , mas tenho receio pois cadastrei me !! Preciso de ajuda para sair da plataforma para sempre !!

        Pseudonym :
        Telephone : +351935203356

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