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Scam contentsThey show a range of photo women you can chat date & meet. You start chatting on line. Ask women where they and most say they in your area 5 minutes away. When you ask about meeting, they say they prefer to only communicate on website. To continue chatting on website you must buy so called coins. You need 50 coins for for one message short or long.Buying 300+ coins soon runs out after a messages back and forth messages. After winding up about meeting and suggestive chat they ask for more chat to get to know you more. After saying they like you and would love meet. When send your email to continue chatting and send photos of yourself you notice they change the subject and continually ask to put your photo on site. I assume to they want your photo to scam females and possibly males theyhave range of members on site to choose from. I refused and send when I get an email adress i will send direct. The women ignored this by continue want to know more about you. The give away was I said I cant afford any more coins as already spent £30 on coins and we could continue by email if you are really interested in meeting in a safe place. She said sorry you cant afford more coins and continued to ask me about myself and what I wanted to do to her when we meet. You realise she only wants you to chat so have spend more COINS. They are usually in the nude photos or women that just happen to fit your profile age, race, likes etc. One said you look CUTE even though I hadnt uploaded my photo. You are not talking to the geniune woman behind the photo.
Comment / ReviewThis is a fake site.Even photos of women are fake as you can see they have been doctored. Fake faces attached to nude bodies. Very poor scam site they cant even be bothered to make effort with photos. Luckily my bank detected a scam and contacted me to confirm or stop payments. Just the admin hassle stopping and replacing debit cards.Changing bank details on ebay, amazon etc. Most geniuine dating you just pay a fee for a period of membership. This one you pay per message. Talking to images of women that dont really exist.The site seems based in Poland. I can imagine a small group of women covering maybe hundreds of images. You can tell when is gap in communication.They are being told told to keep the chat going, for u to purchase more COINS I was up all night until 5.30am because i thought I was chatting to the person in the photo.To grab your attention other FAKE MEMBERS bombard you with meassages who are apparently 5 miles away. DO YOU WANT TO FUCK ME NOW. Knowing all to well thats an impossibility as you can NEVER MEET as they are probably in Poland, Africa, etc who knows!!

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      • Report #696077 10/01/2023 at 10:46 PM

        Dating and sexual meetups that will not happen.
        Completely fake, misleading, and monetary ripoff
        It is a buy your credits website with lots of women on there that contact you for sexual promiscuity. However all they do is chat. When you try to meet for a coffee or drink or chat, you soon find out that nisnt going to happen. It is completely deceitful, misleading and a ripoff.... all they want is your money. The women on there are obviously employed by the website to tease and deceive. Stay away....

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