Job Scam Barry Davis

PseudonymBarry Davis
Scam contentsDear Prospective applicant,

The content of this message is confidential, I am a recruiter at Avalon healthcare solutions and I’m reaching out to you in regards to your resume which was reviewed and Sourced online by our Hiring Department through the Career-builders job site. We are certain you met our desired criteria and requirements. Currently, we are looking to fill the position of a Customer Service / Data Entry Clerk / Administrative Assistant / PROJECT MANAGER / PAYROLL ASSISTANT / HEALTHCARE REPRESENTATIVE.

PAY SCALE: This is strictly an online work from home job, also a remote position $50 hourly paid weekly or Biweekly. You can schedule your hours within (Monday through Friday). You can also choose to work during morning, afternoon and during evening, I believe you would be interested in getting more information about the duties and also to discuss and negotiate your salary requirements during the interview session if not they are not met.

So following our newest online screening introduced by Better Business Bureau (BBB), The interview and job briefing will be conducted via Microsoft teams and zoom or Skype messenger app with the Hr Manager Mr. Barry Davis, I believe you do have one on PC or phone. if you don’t have any of the apps, kindly download the Microsoft teams and zoom or Skype messenger app from your App Store or Google play store or by using this link to download the app and get started.

Once the download is Complete, You are required to create a personal account and connect with Mr. Barry Davis immediately.

Instructions for Microsoft Teams app: You are required to click on this Teams Messenger link:

Instructions for Skype messenger app: You are required to Click on this link or by searching his User ID ( live:.cid.d97414755e284741 )to connect for the interview session.

Instructions for zoom:

Log on to the Zoom app

Click on Contacts

Click on the cross/plus sign beside

Click on Add/Invite a contact

Add the HR Manager's email:

You can connect with Mr. Barry Davis at Your preferred time for he will be available to proceed with the interview session immediately.
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