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+447578424309 Lyra

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Telephone+44 7578 424309 (ou 00447578424309)
Scam contentsThe scam is this.. they will find your phone number from a CV you posted and contact you, asking if you are interested in a job that earns you $$$ USD and only involves app optimisation. This originally was from number +1 (548) 249-0496

Contact will be through whatsapp, they will then get another agent local to you with a UK number, for me it clearly someone using a white woman's profile picture and naming herself Lyra and contacting from +44 7578424309.

She will contact you, tell you it is about APP optimisation, ASO and you can earn $$$, all you have to do is register and start earning money. The site she gave was Looking up whois, it is an hong kong site less than 6 months old, even the footer says 2022 and looks like a scam website.

As soon as I clocked this, I wanted to see how far this goes and asked questions, they are doing a scripted copy and paste chat, but the moment you throw them off, it becomes evident their language isn't english as they can't type proper english replies.

Anyway, be vary. I haven't registered or gave my details. Either this is a new ploy to get apps to rank high by getting locals to click, review and rank up apps in the app store, or it would be trying to get money from you by entering your details and depositing income.

It's definitely a scam, don't fall for it
Comment / ReviewScam, be vary.
Don't fall for it and clearly these scammers are going through individuals looking for a job, noting phone numbers from CV's and contacting via whatsapp. They'll say the job is app ASO but it's a legit scam to get you to reveal your details etc.

Don't fall for it

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