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Telephone+1 401-648-8963 (ou 0014016488963)
Scam contentsThe scammer claimed to have a job opening through deterra royalties in Australia. Sent out fraudulent checks and information stating they are paying to help set up a mini office for the job position. The person I spoke to claims to have the name Miriam Stan borough and mark richards is the one who texted me about the job.
Comment / ReviewI am incredibly frustrated with how these people prey on others who are really just trying to make a living and find an actual job. They prey on innocent people and now I am in debt because of them. $5000 worth.

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        Your performance ensured you had a good score eligible for enrollment into our weekly routine training programme. You scored 8.5 out of a possible 10, This is to confirm that you have been approved to be a staff of Pilbara Minerals Limited, having reached the requirements, passed the interview and recommended for the Job by the Board of Directors on employment. Also, they will put you through our company's guidelines under US Human Resources Laws and Regulations.

        Just to inform you that the c...
        SCAM..Unfortunately people out here impersonating real folks for their sleezy scamming. Miriam Stanborough is a real person and member of Phisbara Minerals Limited. Also the company is real..but my outcome is heartbreaking 💔. Shame on you for getting my hopes up and wasting my time.

        Pseudonym : Mark Richards and Ms. Miriam Stanborough

        Scamming interview

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