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PseudonymHOTWIRE Global,
Scam contentsAbout a week ago I got contacted by someone for a job that they have for me if I am currently looking for work. I am working part-time but also looking for change in career and hence was actively looking for work on job sites. I was not much shocked when she contacted me about a job for APP OPTIMIZATION and then she told me that I will have to do app optimization using there money on the first day. I made £62 without investing a penny of my own money. Then comes the 1st day of job when I was asked to deposit USDT100 which was "100% withdrawable". I was initially a bit sceptical but then she convinced me somehow to invest as she said that she herself started like me and now makes money good enough to have an amazing life with her family bla bla, they even have chat groups they put you in where almost BOT LIKE people with perfect profile pics are talking about how much money they make everyday some of them starters like me and some making 1000s a day and then you fall into a trap where in order to take your money out you are constantly putting more and more money in. COMBO deals that are apparently "very rare" keep popping up and keep taking Ur balance into negative and then when you put more money (not £ or $ but USDT which is unregulated) you will see all you balance again in the account. Then when you have successfully finished all your tasks they will say your balance is too big to withdraw on vip1 (first level with 100USDT investment) and in order to take your money out you need to put in 1500 more to move onto VIP3 (1500USDT investment) its a vicious cycle that I realized very very late although just three days into the scam and £2700 down that I will never be able to withdraw this money. Before I had the bad luck of coming across them I didn't have much money in savings but I didn't have any debt, now I am £2000 in debt and my family will have to suffer. :(
Comment / ReviewPlease everyone reading this anyone contacting you with the name of HOTWIRE Global (btw they have a registered website and an office address in London where the phone keeps ringing no one picks up) or any other name run away as soon as you can.

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      • Symeon 10/10/2023 at 09:34 AM

        I had exactly the same experience. I stopped in my tracks when the system required me to put in my own money to cover the minus amount that appeared after hitting the combo app. I was persuaded for a long time with stories from their lives, how everyone had to face it, but now they lead a prosperous life. I was invited to a WhatsApp group where everyone seemed so helpful and friendly. A very strange experience - luckily I reacted in time and did not lose my money.

      • Mimi 123 10/30/2023 at 01:04 PM

        The same happened to me 😫


      • Soma 10/30/2023 at 01:21 PM

        I noticed that the website url I used isn't working anymore and the one they are suing now ( is exactly the same interface but different url to fool people. As the old ones reported as a scam.

      • jlg15333 11/10/2023 at 08:25 AM

        the new url is

      • 23OG82 11/19/2023 at 01:52 PM

        Anything positive from this? could it not be a scam

      • DredLockDog 05/16/2024 at 03:04 PM

        Pretty sure it's a scam....I was also approached with the same offer...And when you do the task which is to just click the button and nothing more, i was wondering how someone could be getting paid to do exactly that, a supposed task. They started by asking for me to cover a balance difference of $17 USD...Didn't end up doing it and have been looking into these people all this time. It's a really well put together scam and i was wondering why they would put so much energy into such a small amount of money on my part, initially, now I get it.

      • stop_da_scammers 05/23/2024 at 12:12 AM

        Hey everyone - please know these are called "task scams" and are very popular right now. Don't beat yourself up too much for falling for them, it's socially engendered to trick people. Some info on task scams:

        Behind the global scam worth an estimated €100m targeting WhatsApp users with fake job offers
        euronews. com/next/2023/10/23/behind-the-global-scam-worth-an-estimated-100m-targeting-whatsapp-users-with-fake-job-offe

        Like YouTube Videos To Earn Rs 5,000 Per Day: Check How This Dangerous 'Task Scam' Works
        news18 .com/tech/like-youtube-videos-to-earn-rs-5000-per-day-check-how-this-dangerous-task-scam-works-8677061.html

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