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Scam contentsI am writing to report a scam that I fell victim to through the edaytask platform. I believe it is important to bring this matter to your attention in order to prevent others from experiencing the same fraudulent activity.
It all began when I met an individual on the Mingle 2 website who expressed interest in me. We exchanged phone numbers and started communicating. This person claimed that they wanted to visit me and meet my family, as well as explore Egypt together. Initially, I explained that due to financial constraints, I couldn't accommodate anyone at the moment. However, they proposed a business opportunity, stating that they worked for Amazon and earned $3,500 per month.
Intrigued by the prospect of making money, I agreed to join their business venture. They guided me through opening an account on the okx website for buying and selling currencies. The real issue began when they introduced me to the edaytask platform, where completing tasks would result in payments and profits. As I progressed through the tasks, my earnings reached $178 before suddenly freezing.
At this point, the person informed me that paying $178 would unlock further tasks and allow me to retrieve my full earnings. Trusting their words, I made a purchase from okx and provided them with proof of payment via a link and screenshot. However, upon completing task number 47, another freeze occurred with an amount of $1,728.
Once again, they insisted that paying this frozen amount would lead to substantial profits. Desperate for a solution, I borrowed money from a friend with the intention of repaying it promptly after receiving my earnings. However, as soon as I managed to gather $1,000 from various sources, they informed me that they only had $500 left.
In a state of panic and running out of options, I approached another friend for help with the remaining $228 needed to complete the payment process. Throughout this ordeal, I meticulously documented every step and screenshot taken during each transaction.
Unfortunately, disaster struck when my friend reminded me that failure to pay off the blocked amount would result in losing all my money. This revelation left me feeling helpless as I struggled to find ways to repay my friend while also gathering the remaining $4,010.
After exhausting all possibilities including mortgaging my car (which didn't yield enough funds), borrowing more money from friends for just a few hours' time limit became impossible. In desperation during stage 59 of this process (thinking it was stage 60), I purchased one dollar only for it to freeze again.
Finally reaching out for assistance from customer service at edaytask platform administration as advised by the scammer themselves; they informed me that an Indian company was requesting taxes on the total amount earned ($9,000). This came as a shock since my actual earnings were only $900.
Customer service further explained that in order to proceed with receiving my earnings after such a significant amount was accumulated (as mentioned above), ten percent of the total amount ($8,579) needed to be paid as taxes.
I am deeply distressed by this entire situation as it has caused immense financial strain and emotional turmoil. It is clear now that I have been scammed by someone who manipulated my trust and exploited my vulnerability.
I kindly request your assistance in investigating this matter further so that appropriate action can be taken against those responsible for perpetrating this scam on unsuspecting individuals like myself. Additionally, any guidance or support you can provide regarding recovering any lost funds would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your attention and prompt action in addressing this issue.
Comment / ReviewKavin (OKX)
Sep 27, 2023, 22:25 GMT+8
Dear valued user,
I hope this email finds you well. We sincerely apologize for the unfortunate situation you've experienced as a victim of a scam, resulting in the loss of your assets. Your security is of paramount importance to us, and we are committed to assisting you to the best of our abilities.
Upon receiving your report and reviewing the provided screenshots of the suspicious addresses involved in the scam:
1 - Address Blacklisting: We have taken immediate action by blacklisting the following addresses to prevent any further transfers to them:
2 - Cooperation with Local Law Enforcement: We are fully prepared to cooperate with your local law enforcement agencies to facilitate their investigation into this matter. Your safety and the recovery of your assets are our top priorities.
3 - Reporting to the Police: In order to expedite the process, we strongly advise you to report this incident to the police in your area. They have the expertise and resources to investigate such cases thoroughly. Please request them to send an email on your behalf to, referencing our Law Enforcement Request Guide at Law Enforcement Request Guide. To ensure a smooth process, kindly ask them to include the following ticket number in their email to us: #4096425.
We understand the distress this situation has caused you and assure you that we are committed to resolving it as swiftly as possible. Please keep us informed of any updates from your end, and rest assured that we are here to support you throughout this process.
If you have any further questions or require additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our support team at
Thank you for your cooperation, and we hope to bring this matter to a satisfactory conclusion soon.
Best Regards,
Kavin | Account Risk Management

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    • Mohamed Sayed 10/13/2023 at 12:13 PM

      it`s happen to me also but , i didnt go with them to this matter because i wasnt had all this money yet i lost some of my money but i didnt keep up with them and from my side i worn you guys from this fake scammer guys who ask you to invest or put money in this platform

    • Dinice 10/23/2023 at 01:48 AM

      I'm so grateful Jessica wind for introducing me to another scammer. Perfect of you.
      (Allah waits but doesn't neglect)

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