Job Scam

Scam contentsDear Applicant,
We received your application and your CV...Do fill the electronic job interview form below since you are not base in U.K to come to our office for an interview. The electronic job interview form will stand as your interview. Please answer correctly all questions. Do not leave any un-answered.
1. Full Name:
2. Present Address:
3. Present Occupation:
4. Previous Work Experience:
5. Date of Birth:
6. Marital Status:
7. Do you have kids?
8. Do you want to bring

your family along if giving an employment letter (if yes answer the next question):
9. Do your family members have a valid International Passport?
10. Nationality:
11. Mobile Phone Number:
12. Positions Applying For (List one or more positions):
13. Do you have a C1/D Visa?
14. Do you have a Valid International Passport?
15. Have you ever been in a yacht/boat before?
16. Site you saw our advert?
We await your response soonest and do always check your e-mail folders because sometimes our email may be delivered in other folders.
Mr. Raymond Jackson
Human Resource Officer
Marella Cruise Line UK
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