Job Scam
Digi and Friends HK,INC.

PseudonymDigi and Friends HK,INC.
Scam contentsDigi and Friends HK,INC. is a Web Design company that seems to be running a fake job scam, although I did not follow through so I do not know what their end game is.
I was contacted by Sarah Ash who had a very thick and difficult to understand asian accent. Her email address was
Two phone numbers on their website go directly to messages with a recording that does not even mention the company name.
They are hiring Digital account manager, Customer Service Manager, and Administrative Assistants.They were unclear as to any specific duties for the job I had applied to on indeed.
Comment / ReviewThe posting was for an employee, but they sent me a "contractor" contract to sign, even though the employment terms such as sick time, vacation time, and other benefits would qualify as me as an employee, not a contractor. They also requested my drivers license and a selfie holding my ID. Sounds very familiar to other scams. I also got a call three days in a row wanting me to send my drivers license and a signed and scanned copy of the contract. You'd think a web developer would have digital signatures on their contracts. No employer ever does that no matter how desperate they are for help. The last things I noted is that the website spends a lot of time on information about jobs and almost nothing about what they do as a business, except for a vague reference to web design. On the entire internet, their website is the only reference I could find about their company.

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    • nini 10/10/2023 at 12:44 PM

      Thank you! They just reached out to me and asked me to fill out their form. Will be reporting!

    • meMe 10/11/2023 at 02:25 PM

      Thank you for this! They have called and emailed me several days in a row and I cannot find any information on that company other than what you have listed here.

    • Chel 10/11/2023 at 02:37 PM

      Thank you!! I just got the call, too. Kristen Brown called me to add the name to the previous one. It's the same accent as well. The email they sent went into my spam; I've been applying for jobs for 11 months. Not one of the follow-up contacts went into that folder.

    • Chel 10/11/2023 at 02:42 PM

      Add-on to my previous comment

    • Lizzy 10/13/2023 at 12:27 PM

      Gosh, I just submitted everything. I should have checked online first if they are a scam. Damn. My banking details and iD copies. But luckily I didn't put any ACH number down.

      I was in the middle of "training" when they mentioned that customers will deposit into my personal bank account the funds. That's when the bell rang to me that it could be a scam

    • Amanda 10/16/2023 at 02:51 PM

      Kristen Brown Contacted me today and the Form they wanted me to fill out looked sketchy. Also the website was copyrighted in 2023. So I came to see if it was scam and sure enough...

    • Aly 10/17/2023 at 02:15 PM

      I just got a very shady email with a link. Didnt touch anything but checked the link on my own - and saw this. What is wrong with people please? As if we're not stressed enough

    • MD 10/17/2023 at 05:02 PM

      I spoke a Kristen Brown today. She did not have an accent. Her English and accent was American. I had already read this posting so I only let her know that I understand that this may be a scam. She didn't address my statement she just stated that she guesses I'm no longer interested. I say true and left it at that.

    • Jean 10/19/2023 at 10:39 AM

      They have called me this morning and didn't even address me at all. Just told me to check email. I almost went through with this. My first call I couldn't understand a thing he said. Or the second call really just basic things. The email asking for my face and a date etc is weird. I will be reporting. How they got on indeed idk.

    • KC 10/20/2023 at 04:57 PM

      So glad to see this info. Got a weird feeling after they emailed and called me, but addressed me by my last name only. Very thick Asian accent as well. Desperate to find work after being laid off made me not stop and realize there could potentially be scams out there posing as legit jobs. So glad to have learned this now before becoming to involved in the hiring process!

    • HH 10/23/2023 at 04:41 PM

      I was recently contacted by this company. The email is consistent with the ones mentioned above, and goes by an entirely different name. The "HR" manager is named Neil Sawyer. They sent a link to their site as well as an application form despite me already having given them so much information on Indeed. Stay safe everyone!

    • Vickie Scalf 10/24/2023 at 11:54 AM

      Thank you I just received a email a few minutes ago. I read what you said about them wanting a pic with u holding ur ID and one scam for sure came up in my mind after reading it. My daughter was looking for a vehicle and she started looking on marketplace. She found a too good to be true car and I told her it's a scam but she wanted proof. So the only way to contact was by email so I reached out. I immediately got a reply with all the details, but then I asked for a copy of her ID front and back. She also claimed to be in the military so I asked for a copy of her military ID. She did produce the military one but the other with her holding it. So y'all they are just scamming us to get pics of ourselves with ID so they can really scam someone for thousands.

    • joysee 10/26/2023 at 03:42 PM

      I just received a phone call interview a few minutes ago. The guy named Neil Sawyer. I couldn't understand what He was saying so I asked him if He was on speakerphone because I could hear my voice feedback. Until I told him to email me all the information about the company so I could understand it better. This guy accent sound from India.

    • Vee 10/27/2023 at 01:15 PM

      Just had an interview from a lady named Imani Blake it seemed sketchy now that I've camed across this the deal has been sealed... But here's the kicker i like to play too so I'm about to play right along with it....

    • Corina 11/02/2023 at 09:55 AM

      Same thing with me. Oliver Blair contacted me. They have been calling and emailing me to sign the agreement and send my info to them. I was hoping to find some kind of reviews and this is the 3rd week I looked and stumbled across this. Thank you! There was also one for CBC Mortgage Agency and I called the company from the number I found online, and got the Payroll Dept and they never heard of that person Virginia Broadbeck - hiring for Data Entry/Payroll Assistant.

      Please do your due diligence and don't fall into the traps of these scammers.

    • Kobe 11/03/2023 at 11:31 AM

      Asian lady called me and couldn't even speak proper English which is okay but I felt like I was interviewing her. Needless to say, it's a SCAM!!!!

    • PC 11/07/2023 at 01:13 PM

      Thank you!!! I've gotten 3 emails asking me to fill out an application. The last one asked for my date of birth and US Citizenship status. Pretty sure they're not allowed to ask those questions. They can verify one is legal to work in US, but not their citizenship status.

    • Ahood 11/08/2023 at 11:48 AM

      I sent everything but banking details but HR for me was Laura Len

    • shogun17 11/08/2023 at 01:02 PM

      Hi Guys,
      I had the same scenario from Neil Sayers but it's a girl (indian accent I think) kept getting emails everyday then today she called twice for an interview we never set up on skype. It's clearly a scam stay away!

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